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Night Errant

She said, “For my photography class homework this week, I have to take night shots.”

He said, “Too bad you’re in the wrong country for that.”

She said, “What are you talking about?”

He said, “Your homework.  It’s a shame you aren’t in England.”

She, frustrated and confused, “And why would I need to be in England!?”

He, feining innocent confusion,  “I’m sorry, love.  But didn’t you say you need to take Knight shots?”

She bowed her head, covered her face with her hands, and groaned.

He leaned back in his chair grinning, “A little slow tonight, aren’t you, dear?”


  1. Quilly, I for one appreciate how much you love OC’s sarcasm and pretend it drives you crazy. You’re a perfect lady.

  2. Amoeba — I should so do that! Thank you!

    Doug — OC might take issue with the “perfect” part. Remeber, we pick and choose which conversations we share.

  3. Figuring out what is meant with the spoken word shows a deep true emotional relationship. I applaud you both. Were the Knights in White Satin?

  4. You could of course have ” knighted” him . But that would not be the isangelous thing to do. More like the volgivagant crowd that hangs around the tavern.

  5. Thom — no, but now I have an earworm!

    Shelly — I have enough trouble getting him to stand still for the camera when he’s in his civvies!

    Juliana — I kind of felt like one, too!

    Melli — more than you think, because he managed to pull it on me TWICE!

    JD — canned laughter.

    Dr. John — funny you should say that since we were on the veranda of a quaint little Mexican tavern when the conversation took place!

  6. Carletta — yes and no — had I knighted him, right there at the dinner table, I like would have had to pick up the meal tab ….. 😉

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