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Melli’s Alphabet Photo Challenge

Melli, our hostess with the mostest, presents:


Week Five: I & J

I found an uppercase I,

and a lowercase i.
and a lowercase i.
I found an upside down J,
I found an upside down J,
and a right side up J.
and a right side up J.

Just like Melli ordered!


If you think my alphabet letters were cool, pop by Melli’s place, Insanity Prevails, and see what the other players are posting.  And you can even feel free to jump in and join us if you want!


  1. Why oh why can’t I see a lower case i. Looks like a B, A or Q to me. Love the upside down J the best. Once again Quilly…great job

  2. Carletta — for me it’s been worth every penny OC spent on it — and I’ve never ridden the thing!

    Mar — I’ve seen your letters and you have a clever eye!

    Terri — Your J would have made a very fancy Y, but I still think it made a great J.

    Thom — for the little i, look at the cut out of what isn’t there. Men! So literal! And do you recognize my upside down J from the roof top of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza parking garage?

  3. Why do you say yours are not good? They’re great!!! You find them in places I would never think of looking!! I love the lowercase i, my favourite!

  4. Oh my my my! I LOOOOOOOOVE that upside down J! Upside down works just fine! And the lower case i was a GREAT find too! I think the bicycle pump is probably the most classic I I’ve seen though! That really is a perfect I!

  5. Whenever (or if ever) I get a better camera, I too would like to take part in your photo scavenger hunts. Does this mean the photography classes are going great?

  6. What cut out?, Oh never mind. Women! so abstract! Your upside down J, was it taken on your road jam day? @#!#@!%$#@%$#@%$#@ LOL

  7. Nessa — thanks! Why aren’t you playing?

    Hootin’ Annie — I’ll be by to see yours in a sec, and check out Thom’s answer to me!

    Jinetje — I said yours were more creative! And they are.

    Barbara — explain it to Thom.

    Melli — that bicycle pump is so perfect I danced a jig when I saw it.

    Gattina — the little hook is on my tripod and is only good for 20 pounds. I weigh a bit more than that.

    Capsun — good cameras are cheap! I have a great Cannon Power Shot and paid les than $150.00 for it.

    Thom — pft! Look at the peddle. See the little black bar in the middle with the little black dot over it.

    Bazza — i am very clever.

  8. Jeff — a bicycle pedal!

    Thom — get up off the floor, you look silly.

    Dr. John — that’s funny. I just told Jientje much the same thing over at her blog!

  9. These are truly fabulous, Quilly. You really must be very observant to find all these letters. I wish I’d had time to play along, it looks like such fun, though I don’t know that I could have done as well as you are doing.

  10. Hoooraayy…there is someone else that had problem with the small i. It’s just not me…oh thank you as he pulls himself up off the floor

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