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Three Word Thursday #2

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #2.

I thought there was going to be a fracas over this week’s words, especially when the perspicacious participants learned their reward didn’t involve numismatics.  Thankfully, that never came to be !

And we have a bevvy of perspicacious Three Word Thursday #2 Players — with nary a cynicocratical volgivagant in the crowd (but none of them are isangelous, either!).  You’ll note I changed the top label from #3 to #2, and moved #3 — next weeks words — down here. Alice caused such a fracas I had to move them.

A Monopoly of Numismatics

Evelyn Grace was as isangelous as a six year old girl can get.  She really was sugar and spice and everything nice — as long as things were going her way.  During those times things weren’t going her way and she wasn’t being isangelous, she could be quite cynocratic in her wants and wishes; and those who crossed Evelyn Grace made her very cross, indeed!

Evelyn Grace’s volgivigant little brother, Wesley Reed, was very good at making her very cross.  He, not being as perspicacious as she, seldom had any clue why she was angry.  Today, however, he knew exactly what he’d done, although it hadn’t been his intent to cause a fracas.

For weeks now he had been indulging his love of numismatics in Evelyn Grace’s piggy bank.  He would remove her coins, and replace them with paper dollars.  Sometimes he even gave her more money than he took.  That wasn’t good enough for Ms. Evelyn Grace though.  She demanded her own money back, every penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

“How am I s’posed to know what coins belonged to you?”  Wesley demanded.

“How you figure it out is your problem,” Evelyn Grace said.  “Just get it done.”

But of course Evelyn Grace wanted to supervise.  She didn’t think Wesley was separating the coins fast enough, and she was certain he was keeping all the best ones for himself.  They got into a tug-of-war over his piggy bank.

“Just what is going on here!”  Mother demanded.

“He’s been stealing my coins!”  Evelyn Grace wailed.

“Oh!”  Mother exclaimed.  “Evelyn Grace, that is a very big thing to say.  Are you sure?”

“Just ask him!”  Evelyn Grace pointed an accusing finger at her little brother.

“I did paid for them!”  Wesley defended himself.

Mother arched her eyebrow and looked at Evelyn Grace.  “Has he?”

Evelyn thrust out her hand.  It was filled with a jumble of colored paper.  “Yeah,” she said.  ”

with Monopoly money!”

And we have a bevvy of perspicacious Three Word Thursday #2 Players — with nary a cynicocratical volgivagant in the crowd (but none of them are isangelous, either!).  You’ll note I changed the top label from #3 to #2, and moved #3 — next weeks words — down here. Alice caused such a fracas I had to move them.

Three Word Thursday #3:

Every Thursday I will give you three new words.  You have until the following Thursday to compose a story using all three of the words.  Then, on that following Thursday, post your story.  After you post, come by here and sign in in the comments.  Then, just like up above, I will put your links up for all to visit.

The Week Four words will be: opprobrious, quondam, & casuistry.

Got it?  Good!  In that case:  Your story is due on:  February 26th, 2009

Author disclaimer:  No actual numismatics were injured in the writing of this post.


  1. Kudo’s to the Mistress of the Quill and Scrolls. Even with Monopoly in the title I didn’t see it coming. Excellent work!!!!

  2. Now, it’s the middle of the night here and I’m very tired, so I could be all mixed up, but… I’m sure this is only week 2 of Three Word Thursday, not week 3. Isn’t it?? Oh, so hard to think.

    Anyway, I’ve posted mine as week 2 and you’ve posted as week 3 and I’m going to bed and will think about it later. I will be back as soon as I can to read the story you wrote. I wrote mine earlier in the evening (while in class instead of listening to the talk…shhhhhh) and set it to auto post. Then tonight I wrote my Portrait of Words post, so 2 stories for you to read when you get a chance.

    Nite nite.

  3. You captured sibling rivalry perfectly. Great ending. And good use of all 6 of the words in your post.

    My entry is up. Imagine – two in a row.

  4. very clever and very funny.
    erm… perhaps you should consider posting your story and giving us new words in separate posts to avoid confusion…

  5. ACK! It’s Thursday ALREADY??? Are you sure? I think it might only be Monday! … I didn’t do it.

    But YOU did a BANG UP job of it! I loved that little story! I don’t really know HOW you do it! You just have them IN you!

  6. Quilly, this is a great story. I loved the ending, very funny and oh so ‘real’. I can see kids doing something like that.

  7. Bill — I am glad. I was hoping to surprise.

    Thom — praise is almost as good as a numismatic reward.

    Alice — I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

    Nessa — and the first two at that — you currently have a 100% participation rate!

    Lisa — yeah, but yours is truly inspired!

    Betty — you did an excellent job on your story — those cliffhanger endings are killer though!

    Gattina — you should have gone back to bed — after washing your foot of course!

    Juliana — how do you like the way I revised things?

    Doug — especially when applied to you.

    Melli — check out the others as well — and I just start writing. I am always just as surprised as my readers!

    Dr. John — I loved your surprise ending! You wrote a great parable!

    Lisa — saw it. Love it!

    VE– can you say BORING?

    Betty — stuff happens. Thanks — judging from your work, Mistress of Cliffhangers, I didn’t think you were a fan of endings at all!

    Alice — And poor little Wesley doesn’t even know what he did wrong!

  8. I should come by more often, I’d actually heard of all three words from week 2 and even use one of them frequently! However I’ve never heard of next weeks.

  9. I loved the story.
    I’m still not up to it I’m afraid. But I have copied next week’s words.
    I’m not giving up yet. But writing does not come easy for me, and I need a lot of time to get it right. And I don’t always have that time.

  10. much better, thank you. there’s nothing opprobrious in the new arrangements, and i cna’t even notice any casuistry as opposed to the quondam arrangement.
    in simple words, i like it 🙂
    (and, would you believe it, i have #3 story already scheduled for next thursday)

  11. Bazza — join in the writing!

    Jientje — nobody expects perfection!

    Polona — are you having an identity crisis?

    Juliana — that’s what you get for having a split personality.

    Thom — you and Polona are both ahead of me then!

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