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Quilly’s Weekend Challenge

Do you have an embarrassing nickname?  Are you brave enough to share it with us?  Better still, are you brave enough to tell the story of how you got it?

Pretty Pink Panties

My Freshman year in High School a big snow storm stopped the buses but school remained open for the walkers. I rode the bus and shouldn’t have had to go to school, however my dad drove right by on his way to work and saw no reason for me to miss classes. He delivered me to school a full hour before my normal arrival time.

I stepped into the building and the halls stretched far and wide, wider than I ever realized and completely empty. Deliciously, temptingly, empty! To my right, halfway down the hall, was an exit sign suspended by chains. The tall kids used to jump up and hit it as they passed under. There was no way I would ever be tall enough to do that, but I wanted to.   Perhaps, with a running start ….

Paying no mind to the fact that I was wearing a full circle skirt, I ran like the wind, jumped as high as I could and gave the sign a satisfying and resounding whack. I landed several seconds before my skirt did. No big deal since I was alone, except –as I landed, full of joy in my accomplishment, laughter and clapping rang out behind me.

I turned around and stared in horror at Chris, a gorgeous senior boy all the girls giggled over. He was lounging in the office doorway.  With a huge grin on his face he drawled, “Well hello pretty pink panties.” And from that day forward everytime we passed in the halls, that is what he called me.


  1. “Pretty In Pink”, I had visions of the scene from Hope Floats and Sandra Bullock doing the Splits.

    Oh Missy Where is this Wordle you talked about on my blog when you visited last.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh my! Well… no. Thankfully I do NOT have any embarrassing nicknames as such! But, that also keeps me from having any great STORIES as such! You GO girl!

  3. I don’t have an embarrassing nickname, but if I did, your story would be far better. You always have quite a gift in finding the humor in any situation. Mahalo for opening yourself up and sharing with us.

  4. Well can we shorten that to ppp? I was never bestowed with a nickname either, let alone have a good story for one. Your’s being excellent Quilly. Thank you for sharing.

  5. i guess i was too boring to earn any nicknames.
    i was always very tall and also very skinny as a schoolgirl (still tall but not in the least skinny anymore) so the boys would call me giraffe or heavenly ladder and somesuch. no stories behind that, though. pft

  6. I loved this story, and I think it’s a pretty cute nickname – and he sounds like he wasn’t such a bad guy…sorta charming actually.

  7. Andrew — NOT! I wouldn’t have left home without them!

    Jientje — uhm, that is NOT a good kind of noticing.

    Bill — I don’t remember “Hope Floats” though I did watch it. I do recall being dissatisfied with the movie. I have plans for the Wordle. Be patient.

    SN — to bad. Those are often the best kind.

    Melli — this is a great story to tell, but it was a painful year to live!

    Capsun — I usually am the humor in any given situation.

    Thom — truthfully, I’d just as soon stick with Quilly if you don’t mind!

    Juliana — I would put up with those nicknames to be tall.

    Shelly — There is a part two to this story and I will post it just for you.

  8. lol… You are a brave soul for posting that story. My nicks are all derivatives of my full name. However, having had Mindy as a nickname did lead to lots of teasing about where Mork was.

  9. Mumma — share it anyway, we won’t tell!

    Minkydo — My answer would have been, “He doesn’t much care for you and won’t come out when you’re around.” They’d have stopped asking.

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