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No post.  Move along.  Technical difficulties have left me very poor company anyway.

I posted yesterday, looked over the post, liked it and went about my business.  I came back a bit later and refreshed my blog and got this bit of alphabet soup.  In trying to get my sidebar back where it belongs I tried changing templates AND upgrading my blogging platform.  Neither helped.  In fact, that last one seemed to make it worse.

I am getting email asking me what I did.  I didn’t do a damn thing.  Perhaps you should ask DreamHost.

If anybody knows of a blog hosting service that is easy for a novice to use, speak up now because I am looking for a change.

UPDATE: In order to fix the problem I had to erase Punny Monday. There was something in that particular post causing the problem. I have since replaced the post, but the comments are gone forever. I am sorry. I treasure every single comment and mourn the loss of the ones that died here.


  1. Much better….it’s the menehunes LOL Quilly look at The guys name is Bert Hixson. He’s a great guy and very helpful. His email is He has helped me tremendously and will answer any question and makes sure you understand.

  2. I had tried a Blog providers like Yahoo, MySpace, WordPress and two others I don’t remember the names. I wasn’t happy with them and landed with Blogger. Since it belongs to Google it’s far better and I have no troubles anymore with my sidebar which I had before. It will be 3 years with Blogger in July and I can’t complain. Of course there are always things which could be better but for a free service it’s not bad at all.

  3. Hey, if there’s any consolation to it, your link is now working properly on my Word in Edgewise site now. Don’t know why it wasn’t before, but it does now. Wahooo!

    FYI- I still see your Punny Monday post.

  4. Nessa — especially when the help desk tells you to do what you already told them you tied!

    Doug — I am such an idiot. There was a whole bunch of weird code in my post – I know not from whence it came — and I tried erasing it, but it just re-propagated, so I purged the whole thing — forgetting all about thee loss of comments.

    Melli — the fact that they were always down!

    Gattina — that’s funny. I hated Blogger and much preferred my free WordPress site.

    Carletta — thanks — I got an answer from tech. I don’t like the answer, but I’ll give it a try.

    Jeff — Wow! That is weird! And, yes, I copied the post and pasted it into a .txt page to erase the format, then I opened a new post, pasted the text in and reformatted it. Last but not least, I set the posting tim to 12:00 a.m. Monday.

  5. Avoid Globat like the plague. Dot5 is NOT newbie friendly (but is more tolerable later on). Hosting Direct isn’t necessarily the easiest, but they answer any questions and usually correct it for you (and they are a very ethical company).

    Hands down, Hostgator is the easiest to use (and you can host all your blogs on there without worrying about limitations on the number of sites you can host or traffic). They will move your old site and everything with it over for free. Their answerdesk is QUICK, their prices are some of the best. Furthermore, check with Dreamhost and see if there’s any way you can get a refund for unused months.

  6. Oh, and if you’re like me, the emails never quite make it into the trash. If you save them, go back into each email and it should say something like, “Do you want to approve this comment?” It *should* reconstruct it. I know I’ve deleted some from the Aerogrow site, and was able to reconstruct them that way.

    And even if you deleted them, make sure to check the trash, because they might be lingering in there. If they were from months ago, it’s unlikely, but just yesterday there might be a chance.

  7. I heard a lot of people complain about Blogger being down… but I never had that problem. Only on the rare occasion when they post a planned outtage — and it’s usually in the middle of MY night! LOL!

  8. I cannot give any computer advice. You may be a novice, but I am a dummy when it comes to computers. I don’t mess with my blog much at all besides VERY basic stuff.

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