No post.  Move along.  Technical difficulties have left me very poor company anyway.

I posted yesterday, looked over the post, liked it and went about my business.  I came back a bit later and refreshed my blog and got this bit of alphabet soup.  In trying to get my sidebar back where it belongs I tried changing templates AND upgrading my blogging platform.  Neither helped.  In fact, that last one seemed to make it worse.

I am getting email asking me what I did.  I didn’t do a damn thing.  Perhaps you should ask DreamHost.

If anybody knows of a blog hosting service that is easy for a novice to use, speak up now because I am looking for a change.

UPDATE: In order to fix the problem I had to erase Punny Monday. There was something in that particular post causing the problem. I have since replaced the post, but the comments are gone forever. I am sorry. I treasure every single comment and mourn the loss of the ones that died here.