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And I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll —

— make certain you have no internet at all.

We expect we’ll land in Kansas any time now.  We’re in the midst of a major wind storm.  It has made the internet erratic and undependable at best.  There is a high wind advisory in effect and isn’t scheduled to be lifted until 6 p.m. tomorrow evening.

The wind is wet and chilly.  Hawaii has had record lows this winter.   Even OC put on his wind breaker today when he went out to catch the bus.  One day of cycling into 50 mile an hour winds was enough exercise for him for the week.

So, I don’t know when this will post — the net blinks on and off like Christmas lights — or when I’ll get to be back on line without great frustration and cussing.  I’m trying to get everyone visited but it’s slow going!


  1. Quilly ~ Are we going to hear that you clicked the heels of your Ruby Red Slippers and started to say “There’s No Place Like Home”. Sorry couldn’t resist, you know me.

    I hope you don”t have a terrible night with the winds, and your internet will soon be back to normal.

  2. Ugh, I hate wind. It always knocks our internet out too. I can’t figure out how that can be since our lines are underground????

  3. Everyone’s comments made me giggle, Melli – blow back..that was a hoot!
    It’s crazy out there, last week I was gardening – this week the garden is covered in snow!

  4. hmmmmmmmmm Toto I dont’ think we are in Kuliouou any more. Maybe Oceanic doesn’t like your end of the neighborhood…oh wait I’m house sitting in Portlock LOL

  5. Bill — make tht “Ruby Red Flip-Flops” and I have a black pair, a white pair, a brown pair and a blue pair, but none in ruby red. Hmmmmm…….

    Doug — if he keeps eating all the food on the table and saying, “Thanks now what’s for dinner?” He’ll make great ballast.

    Melli — are you saying I’m full of hot air?

    Nessa — k. You first.

    Jeff — wherever Hawaii lands will be just like Hawaii. Won’t it?

    Kat — I have no clue. I figure it is blowing my wireless signal to the neigbors, but shouldn’t I be getting there’s?

    Juliana — I’m tempted. It is raining sideways here and the wind is blowing in 60 mile an hour gusts.

    Shelly — I wondered when you posted about gardening if you know it was still winter.

    SN — LOL!

    Carletta — Jeff’s comment was grand. Don’t tell him though. It might go to his head.

    Thom — no wind in Portlock? The rich folks paid it off, I guess.

    Dr. John — okay, you win. You’re colder. Now, walk over to your thermostat and turn it up, and then consider that in the morning when it is 59 degrees F in my house, I can’t turn up the thermostat because the houses in Hawaii are not heated. Most have neither furnace nor air conditioning. Although right now, they’re all air conditioned!

    Betty — soon, please.

    Kila — March needs to march a bit faster!

    Mar — yep. A 60 m.p.h. breeze.

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