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Melli’s Alphabet Photo Challenge

Melli, our hostess with the mostest, presents:


Week Eight: O & P

How many Os are there in this photo?  This is just a wee small part of a gate masquerading as art, or it’s art masquerading as a gate.  Those of you who visit my photoblog AND have sharp eyes, might recognize a bit of this gate from this photo.  As the Alphabet continues, I will be revealing more of this beauty’s beauty!

And this P, which I was quite proud of when I found, seems to be very proliferate.

This P, on the other hand, is remarkable and unique.

If you enjoyed this alphabetical vingette, please be sure to visit Melli and click on her links to see who else is playing.  And if you REALLY enjoyed it, grab a camera and play along.  It’s never too late to start.  Next week’s letters are Q and R.


  1. Next week’s letter would be Q and R I think? Never mind, you did great this week, I am SO in love with that first picture of that gate!!

  2. Jientje — of course next week’s letters are Q & R! I copied and pasted last week’s ending and forgot to edit. AND, just wait until you see this whole gate. It is mind-boggling.

  3. Oh, I took my P 🙂 from a restaurant, I love that sideboard too! I would love a home with white furniture, Swedish/country style…

  4. Mar — I have my white house now! All pristine white board walls and trim. All straight lines — very proper — yet warm and inviting rather than stiff and formal. I think the warm inviting part comes from the light. There are windows all the way around, all of them screened and perpetually opened for the trade winds to air condition — and every day, even inside, is like a bright Spring day in the park.

  5. I think I saw the P on another blog…hmmmmmmmm thinking thinking thinking and oh yeah…Quilly said a bad word to that person…LOL

  6. ROFL! Did you ADD that quite impressive P AFTER you saw the other P’s? LOL! I love the 2nd P! And that GATE!!! It is surely ART pretending to be a gate! Can’t WAIT to see the whole thing! What a FIND!

  7. I love this challenge. The problem with me is I think my brain is too hard wired. Unless you pointed them out they look like objects to me.

  8. I am so very jealous….another 3 inches of snow yesterday and no o’s, p’s or q’s to be found….just blinding white everywhere (the trees do look beautiful in all their flocking glory). Spring day….what is that? Love your mug…the photo blog leaves me wanting more. As usual, you excel!!!XOOX

  9. Very nice findings ! O’s were easy I could have put Rosie’s tail, she sometimes folds it into an O. She also does ? imagine what the point is.

  10. Beautiful O’s! 🙂
    I knew those P’s existed and I looked for one but couldn’t find one – now I’m glad I didn’t seeing you and Melli both got one!
    Love the last one though and like Doug I like the message.

  11. Thom — what would you say to someone who stole your P! 😮

    Nessa — just wait until you see the rest of that gate! As to the mug, all of it I own is photo.

    Melli — I found the first P in my search for J. I found the second P sitting on a desk in OC’s lab later the same day.

    Doug — yes, but don’t you think those colors would sort of force one to shine?.

    Ian — that’s okay. It seems to be a Y chromosome defect. Thom and Dr. John suffer from it, too.

    Barbara — the gate can be found in a cluttered back alley on the University of Manoa campus. It is behind the art building and serves as barrier to a storage area.

    Caryl — haven’t you heard? Spring has been cancelled this year.

    Gattina — your cats are a treasure.

    Carletta — I took several photos of that mug to make certain I got one that shared the message clearly. I wish I had your discernment. I’d have left that P at the mall where I found it. :0

  12. Juliana — yes, but not many others visit my photo blog.

    Bazza — yes, but you’d be incorrect. Between the two Ps some Technical Difficulties occurred. Go back and take a careful look. And that reminds me: OC is blogging again (as intermittently as you) and he has a He-Said-She-Said story up today.

  13. Well done! I’m very impressed with the art too. And, I’m always pleased to have you for company….thanks for stopping in to visit with me today.

  14. I’m joining your three word challenge, the post will be up in an hour. I hope I’m not making a complete fool of myself though?

  15. Thom — it is dubious, isn’t it?

    Hootin’ Annie — we should try visiting each other outside meme hours!

    Kat — so do I!

    Jientje — you have far too much class and style to ever make a complete fool of yourself! 😉

    And, aside from that, your English is much better than you think it is!

  16. That first P is a forwards P and a backwards P.
    That second P is quite unique. Rise but no shine. I’ve felt like that before.
    I hope you’re having a SHINY week!!

  17. As I said to Melli I never see these things except the o until people point them out to me. But what do you expect from someone who doesn’t know a pea when he sees one.

  18. To answer your question I think I found 10 or 11 O’s, though I could be wrong, Looking forward to next week to see where you find the Q.

  19. wish you had of told me earlier about that spring thing…I would have gone to AZ with the sister.
    Only found 9 O’s in the gate pic. Do love that gate, am looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

  20. Hi Quilly!! These are really great photos. It’s amazing how you manage to find letters in so many different places. After seeing what some people had written I just HAD to go back and look at the gate photo again. I think I see 11 of the ‘o’s there.

    Thanks for reminding me to do my ABC Wednesday post today. So caught up in life I almost forgot. Now I’m off to write a 3 Word story.

  21. JD — I hope you’re coming back on Thursday to read all the stories with your word in them!

    Dr. John — well, if you don’t recognize Ps and Qs, then you don’t have to mind them, do you?

    Andrew — thank you.

    Bill — I didn’t think anybody would really count them! LOL! And look what you started!

    Caryl — how would I know where Spring is or isn’t? I live in Hawaii! We have two seasons, wet and dry! Right now it is wet.

    Alice — you and Bill should meet, I think. I never expected anybody to count the Os! AND, I’d better go write my 3 Word Thursday story, too!

  22. Oh my goodness what a cool looking gate! That has so much character. I counted 7 O’s in the gate. And that coffee mug is also so personable!

    Blessings to you today Quilly.

  23. WHoof!! I got one up too. Not only did I make a story fur you to read, but I earned $5 fur payin’ off my vet bill cuz it’s a ad too. Pretty smart, huh. I’m gonna write more too cuz there’s 3 more ads fur me to do in the next few days. BARK!

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