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Technical Difficulties

He, sat at the table mumbling to himself about internet security protocols, non-conforming websites, deadlines, and the prices one pays for inefficient software.

She scrunched under her desk tangled in a multitude of wires trying to hook up her brand new computer, the cable modem, telephone, lamp and five hundred fifty-seven other wires.  His growled and grumbled exasperating her frustration.  Finally, she took a deep breath, poked her head out from under the desk and said,  “Listen, we can’t both be grumpy at the same time, and right now it’s my turn.  Alright?”

He looked at her in surprise and a little smile quirked his lips.

She said, “House rule — one grumpy person at a time.  You get to be grumpy most of the time, and usually I’m okay with that, but I really need to be grumpy for the next few minutes.  Got it?”

He shook his head, still grinning and said, “All right, but you’d better hurry up!”

And then they both laughed and the grumpy was gone.


  1. LOL! I totally agree with that rule! And Dennis is USUALLY the grumpy one — but when it’s ME? I make up for lost time! I do Quality Grumping!

  2. I keep tellin ya, It’s like watching (this case reading) Desi and Lucy all over again. Can OC play Bobaloo on his trumpet (I think it’s a trumpet)?

  3. hehehehe… the REASON I get to go visit Dr. John and Betty is becauuuuuse… true to my form… I made arrangements and INVITED MYSELF! That’s why! Just ask Lazy Daisy! That’s my MO!

  4. Thank you for encouraging me to read the responses….you are right…..they do make for very interesting reading. Only thing is, then I get to wanting to know the people behind the humorous jabs and pretty soon, don’t you know it, I am part of the blogging world, skipping from here to there, no time to spare. I must limit myself to yours alone. With my excessive personality and all this time on my hands I would soon be Queen of All Bloggers!! and my children and grandkids would find me a missin’!

  5. Doug — greedy are you?

    Melli — I suppose OC would say the same about me.

    Thom — no. It just isn’t mine.

    Bill — OC says, “No. I have no idea what Babalu is.” And I say, I always thought it was the name of Desi’s trumpet, as opposed to an actual song.

    Okay, I just did a net search and came up with a youtube video of Desi singing Babalu. I think OC could play the horn part easily, but he might have to practice a bit to get that conga drum thing down. Wow!

    Dr. John — Yes!

    Jeff — the grumpy free zone is my favorite place to be.

    Melli — so, just make flight arrangements and come here.

    Caryl — no comment. (Can you see me staring at the ceiling and whistling?

    Oh, and you can’t be Queen of All Bloggers and The Good Queen of The World both, can you?

    Nessa — so that’s what does it! Thank you.

    Andrew — that is the least detrimental way of dealing with it.

  6. Carletta — seems like I am leaving you with that comment often. I will have to come up with something tart.

    Jientje — In fact, it might even be too much!

  7. it’s the innate hostility of inanimate objects (to borrow the phrase) that makes decent people’s a good thing you can share it thus making it disappear.

  8. Awe! That is a cute story. Congrats on the new computer too.
    I heard the two people on my radio station this morning talking back and forth about the morning and the girl said, “Today is a 2 dwarf day for me”. “What does that mean?” he questioned. She replied with, “You know … 2 dwarfs….grumpy and sleepy.”

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