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Extra Bonus Punny Monday

I’d like to apologize for the errors in my Punny Monday post that lead many of you astray. I often copy and paste sections of text from former posts, then edit them. However, if I wait too long before publishing or saving, the edits revert to their original form — it is some glitch in auto-save, or just my life, I am not certain which. But, since you haven’t all been tortured enough today, I thought I’d add a bit more:

A Little Extra Punny Monday Fun

brought to you by

and my friend Stella!

This is not a contest it’s a “just for fun.”  Enjoy yourselves.  I’ll post the answers tonight.















  1. Thanks Quilly – your posts and humour are always much appreciated! I am off out for the evening, so think I might leave puns part two to the agile brained among us…

    So, if you need a break, we will miss you but please look after yourself!

  2. this is what i call sensory overload (or perhaps it is my french class i just came home from)
    too much pun… erm, fun is no longer fun.
    still, great artsy photos

  3. OK I emailed mine. I can’t get them all. I am having mental blocks on any animal related ones! lol But the rest I am not too bad on.
    I think.

    That was a lot of fun and I surprised myself! Thanks.

  4. Woo hooo! I feel like I got educated guesses on the lot.

    And I only googled ONE of them!
    I actually had a lot of fun there.
    I CAN think literally! Just not literally like you evidently because I am c**p at punny monday. *sigh*
    One day…. one day…..

  5. Are you torturing us? The frozen Hawaiian punch can’t get one of em…I’ll just wait for the answers. One in one day is all i can handle

  6. So far Juliana, Nessa & Cath have submitted answers. I’ll put them up after Bell Choir. Along with the real answers, of course. :0

  7. Nessa‘s guesses:
    1. Light beer
    2. Cat suits
    4. Dr. Pepper
    5. Pool table
    6. Hair on the sink
    7. Card shark
    8. iPod
    9. Gatorade
    10. Knight in shining armor on a white horse
    11. Whole milk
    13. Royal crown cola

  8. Melli‘s Guesses:
    1. Bud light
    4. Dr. Pepper
    6. Bathroom Genie
    7. Card Shark
    8. Ipod
    9. Gatorade
    11. Holy Cow
    12. Egg Plant
    13. Royal Crown Cola

  9. Cath‘s Guesses:
    1. Lite Beer
    2. Cat Suit
    3. A salted (assaulted) peanut.
    4. Dr. Pepper.
    5. Pool table.
    6. Tap dance.
    7. Card shark.
    8. ipod.
    9. Croc Doc
    10. Knightmare
    11. Whole milk.
    12. Eggplant.
    13. King of Pop

  10. I figure some of these are specific to US culture because I’ve got a few, but others totally elude me.
    1. Light Beer
    6. Tap Dancers
    7. Card Shark
    10. Nightmare
    12 Sunny side up


    1. Lite Beer
    2. Dandylions
    3. A Salted (assualted) Peanut
    4. Dr. Pepper
    5. Pool Table
    6. Tap Dance
    7. Card Shark
    8. iPod
    9. Gatorade
    10. Nightmare
    11. Whole Milk
    12. Egg plant
    13. King of Pop

    O’Ceallaigh and I had trouble with #3, #5 and #13.

  12. Oh my word — this could keep me busy for hours.

    I got 1 and 7 right off the bat, but the others would have taken a lot more thinking.

    I love the Dandy Lions!

  13. Jientje — yay!

    Cath — how is it you missed the easy ones?

    Melli — despite the fact that I typed them using mine own name, they went to the SPAM folder! I just fished them out. I am wondering why I didn’t notice they never appeared?

    Barbara — OC and I did them together and it took us about 20 minutes. We didn’t get #3,#5, & #13.

  14. Now that I’ve scrolled down to the rest of the comments I see the answers.
    Ugh – only five of thirteen. 🙁

    Still, fun game!

  15. Oh my! I was able to guess a few. My daughter helped me with some of them. They are really fun! Now that I am in comments, I can see some of the answers from the others!! Fun Fun!

  16. As I suspected.

    We Aussies don’t have Alligators, we have Crocodiles. We don’t have Whole Milk, we just have Milk (and Skim Milk for those reducing their fat intake). We didn’t used to have Eggplants, we had Aubergines, but the trend is starting to reverse. Dr Pepper practically doesn’t exist in Australia, plus we call those things Capsicums.

    Totally rigged against southern hemisphere dwellers. 😛

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