From the Passenger Seat

In all of my adult years, every trip I have made through Washington State on I-90 has either been after dark, or when I am driving — or both.  However, when Amoeba and I traveled to Spokane last week, he drove and I got to sight see, and I saw some sights I had never seen before.

Wild Horses Monument

This is the Wild Horses Monument. It overlooks the Columbia River near Vantage, WA. I saw it for the first time on this trip. Amoeba was driving up the grade after we’d crossed the bridge and I saw two people standing on the side of the barren hill and staring up. I thought, “What on earth …” and followed their line of vision.

When I saw the monument I got all excited and pointed it out to Amoeba — who knew it was there and couldn’t believe that I didn’t. Of course he stopped so I could photograph it. The monument is a 200-foot line of life-sized charging horses titled, Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies. It was created 1989 by David Govedare of Chewelah, Washington for Washington State’s Centennial Celebration. The 1 inch thick steel ponies symbolically depict the Great Spirit releasing a herd of wild horses on a ridge above the Columbia River’s Wanapum Lake.

My Fair Gentleman

More, more more …

Cast Photo for My Fair Lady

As you likely know by now, Amoeba has a couple of parts in the San Juan Island Community Theater production of My Fair Lady. The photo above is of the entire cast, orchestra and most of the crew of the play. Photo credit goes to Ken Serratt of Digital San Juan.  Ken stitched this photo together from 5 different shots.

If you have missed our other posts on the play, Amoeba has a couple up: Cockneys; and, Dude and Dude: Singin’ ‘n’ Dancin’.  And yesterday I posted: My Fair Mister which includes a few of my own snapshots and a couple of videos, one the play trailer and an exceptional montage put together by Ken Serratt, who plays Doolittle in the production.

Black & White Macro Monday

Macro Monday is hosted by Lisa of Lisa’s Chaos. Do not ask my why I choose to join something new in the middle of moving! I am a glutton for punishment, I guess!

And the B&W is in honor of Nicole B. who is hosting a January B&W photo challenge which she specifically designed for the purpose to discussing techniques for turning color photos to B&W.

  • The 1st photo (top left) is the actual snap, straight out of the camera.
  • The2nd photo (top right), I created from photo #1.  I chose navy blue from the B&W filter option in Picasa.
  • The 3rd photo (bottom left) is my favorite.  I created it from photo #4 by removing “warmify” and adding “glow” in Picasa.
  • The 4th photo (bottom right), was created from photo #1 by pushing the B&W option in Picasa then clicking “warmify”. I also brought up “highlight” just a scoot.

Creating Lasting Memories

I just saw some super cool FotoART and I have to share it with you.  You can get a sculpture made from a photo.  Click on the photo and biggie it — or better yet go to the website and check this stuff out.  It is amazing and I already have a Christmas gift in mind for someone.

Melli — wouldn’t you adore that clock with Luz’s name on it and a photo of her in one of her hats?  How incredible would that be?

Nessa — click on the earrings.  I can just see that flirty pic of your new grandson hanging from your ears!

Tina — you and yours can have your photos done as your wedding cake toppers!  How cool is that?

Uncle Thom — you can memorialize your favorite pics of your nieces and nephews.

Susan — you can make a dart board with your husband’s pic.  😉

Moms — have your kid’s photos made into fridge magnets and use them to hold up their own art.  Or have their photos made into Christmas tree ornaments — or key chain tags.

Grandparents — just think, 3-D photos of all your grandkids on the mantle.

Readers — check out the absolutely adorable bookends!

I love this site!  I just bookmarked it in my shopping folder.