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Melli’s Alphabet Photo Challenge

Melli, our hostess with the mostest, presents:


Week Ten: S & T

I thought you all might like to see a few more parts of the gate
that thinks it’s art,
or the art masquerading as a gate –
– whichever the case may be.

This S pretty much jumped right out and said, “Here I am!  Picture ME!”  And so I did.

And here we have a whole row of Ts.

In fact, tease is pretty much all this fence does!
My very most favorite thing about this fence is, the latched gate!
Gotta keep it closed or the dog might get out ….

If you enjoyed this alphabetical vingette, please be sure to visit Melli and click on her links to see who else is playing.  And if you REALLY enjoyed it, grab a camera and play along — before the fun comes to an end.  Next week’s letters are U and V .


  1. Ahhhhhhhh that fence is a riot!!! And I am assuming that S is in your glorious gate! Can’t wait to see that whole thing!

  2. Great S, sad sad sad T’s………..they look so lonely and undone!! (I’m taking a break from my boring life and road tripping it with one other ‘adult’ and 7 kids from north Idaho to Mexican border and back in a week. and yes, I have gone crazy!)

  3. What an interesting fence! How funny– especially the latched gate.

    And that gated art/artful gate is so interesting. Have you ever shown a picture of the whole thing all together?

  4. I like your S interpretation ! Now I participate too, I started to see letters everywhere so I jumped in ! (on my keyhole blog)

  5. I’m joining in this week for the first time. That fence is hilarious… Someone with a good sense of humor left that gate locked!

  6. Love the ‘S’
    Without the fencing the T’s pop out!

    I know it seems like we just got started but were you tired when you posted – it’s week ten! I can hardly believe it. The fun has made it go very quickly.

  7. ha! you always find interesting thingsto show us the letters. i don’t suppose we’ve seen the last of that gate yet…

  8. Quilly ~ I am Impressed, I’d still be searching for the S,

    To quote Billy Crystal quoting Fernando Lamas
    “Simply Marvelous”.

  9. Jientje – next week you will get a peek at another section!

    Melli — we took a photo of the gate shortly after we moved here and long before your Alphabet Contest. I have just been waiting for the right post to share it in — and then T came along as though custom made!

    Caryl — I know that road trip is going to be a riot on wheels! I wish my camera and I were there, we’d blog it!

    Barbara — I will share the gate in full at the end of the Alphabet Challenge. Right now it still has secrets!

    Anni — that yin-yang circle on the gate is what first drew my attention and lured me into the alley (yes, this gate lives in a jumbled back alley!) to look at it in full.

    Gattina — welcome to the party!

    Thom — that fence right down there by the turn to your house? You’ve seen it? Hmmm, what a surprise!

    Nessa — Les Nessman, WKRP in Cincinati.

    Dr. John — the S does get lost between the striking contrasts, whereas the T stands alone — literally! LOL!

    Doug — my 2s never look like Ss and my Ss never look like 2s!

    Janet — you joined us in style! I am impressed!

    Carletta — actually I was exhausted when I posted, but I think it’s this stomach bug.

    Mar — thanks. I knew that fence would be a hit.

    Juliana — more art gate next week for sure!

    Bazza — to which do you refer? The fence that isn’t, or the gate that is art?

    Bill — how did you know that I’d recently searched without luck for the origin of that quote? I remember Phyllis Diller using it.

    Zerilda — if good fences make good neighbors, what do rickety fences make?

    Shelly — yeah, leaving the gate open could allow any old riff-raff to walk right in. As it is now, only short volgivigants have easy access!

  10. Thom — yo? It’s a block before the turn to your house, on the right hand side (coming up Kulio’ou’ou). And you’re joking, right?

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