April 12th — A Poem A Day

This post is dedicated to Amoeba O’Ceallaigh, my love.

So We Decided

So we decided to start blogging,
Each of us
At separate times,
From separate parts of the globe.
Our virtual paths crossed
And sight unseen,
Our souls connected.

So we decided to meet,
To come together
In the same place
And test our connection
Face to face.
And in each other’s eyes,
We saw the future.

So we decided to merge
Our separate lives,
Pull up roots,
And move to a new place
Wholly ours
On a blue Pacific isle
In a cottage for two.

So we decided to take a chance
To reach for love
Despite warnings of heartbreak.
And here we are,
Thankful everyday,
For having decided.


Poetic Asides, Day 12
Prompt: write a poem beginning with: So We Decided

11 thoughts on “April 12th — A Poem A Day

  1. Bazza — I don’t know that I deserved this relationship, but I treasure it.

    Amoeba — :*

    Barbara — precious, too

    Melli — I thought those that watched our love blossom might get a special kick out of this

    Mumma — mushy, I know.

    Nessa — a mini biography of our relationship

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