Coming Attractions

I hope you are enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.  Thom and I are having a blast.  I love giving stuff away! In fact, I so much love giving stuff away I that I just ordered some quality costume jewelry from Max & Chloe, and as soon as it shows up, I am going to host another giveaway.  One lucky winner will walk away with a lovely bit of flash.  I hope this will happen before Christmas — it depends on how fast the jewelry ships.  In the meantime, if you’re curious about what you might receive, click on the link in my right sidebar and start drooling and hoping!

Also, I am going to give away at least two reading packages.  I am putting together several of the books I have recently reviewed — only those in the very best condition — and I am going to give away two or three reading packages sometime after the first of the New Year. I am thinking about making this a twice yearly event since the books do tend to stack up and I can’t keep them all! I haven’t quite decided how that one is going to look. I do know the Max & Chloe giveaway is going to be a treasure hunt, because I am, after all, giving away treasure!

Stay Tuned!

Assorted Announcements

OC is sick.  His voice is all scratchy.  His eyes and his nose are running.  His spirits and energy are flagging.  His enthusiasm has died.   Only his whine seems to be in good working order.

And, Easter Sunday I tripped out to Makaha all by my onesy and went to a poolside barbecue at the home of some friends.   After the food was all cooked and gobbled (yum), we tripped back to their apartment where child showered and retreated to her room to read, dad stretched out on the couch to sleep watch TV, and my friend logged onto the net to show me her brand-new blog and ask for pointers and questions.  I did what I could to help — now it’s up to all of you.  Go say hello to L at Ordinarily Just Me — and don’t let the title fool you, she’s anything but ordinary.

And I’m very late announcing this one, but our very own eggciting Lisa has created a blog for fun and play.  She has aptly named it:  The Madness of LDBolton .  Run over there, too, and welcome her back to the world of frivilious blogging.