10 thoughts on “April 21 — A Poem A Day

  1. Morning Quilly!

    Thank you for the visit. I like this short piece, it made me think of my Beloved.

    If I may ask, who is David? You mentioned him in your comment to me.

    I’m just dying to know 🙂

    Annie’s last blog post..Looking for a Safe Haven

  2. i sincerely hope this won’t be taken amiss and i’m sorry if i happen to hurt any feelings but i have to spit it out.

    if you were writing a verse about haiku, fine. but haiku, this is not! not even senryu or zappai for that matter.
    i have a feeling (correct me if i’m wrong) your schools have taught haiku as some sort of a syllable-counting exercise, and by doing so done a huge misjustice to the form.
    haiku is NOT about 17 syllables and the vast majority of things written in 5-7-5 have nothing in common with haiku whatsoever.

    juliana’s last blog post..A nod to Poetic Asides and some bragging (sorry)

  3. Alice — goody — and how did you like my poem?

    Nessa — apparently not.

    Annie — someone who doesn’t know David?! Shocking! 😉

    Barbara — thank you.

    Juliana — teach me!

    Jientje — thank you!

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