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The Unexpected

Thirty-five minutes after He left the house, the phone rang. That’s not unusual.  She walked toward it, wondering what he had forgotten and mentally rerouting her commute to work to include a detour to, and brief stop at, the University.  She picked up the phone and said, “Good-morning, my love.”

He said: “Good, you’re still home.  How are you?”

She said: “My nose is running and I can’t catch it.”

He said: “Why would you want it back?”

She said: “Good point.”

He asked: “Other than that how do you feel?”

She said: “I’m shivering, my eyes itch, my throat hurts and I’ve developed a cough.”

He said: “Doesn’t sound like such a pretty picture.”  (And She just now got the joke.)

She said: “It sounds worse than it is.  I don’t really feel sick.  I’m not headachy or feverish or tired.”

He said: “I thought you were feverish this morning.  You were shivering but felt warm. Are you staying home today?”

She said:  “No.  I’m just about ready for work.  Why? What do you need?”

He said: “Huh?”

She said:  “What do you need?  Why did you call?”

He said:  “I called to make sure you’re okay.”

And she was charmed all over again.


  1. Thom — how do you know all the other colors are okay? Tweak the color adjustment on your screen.

    AND — if you fill my blog with one word posts, I will retaliate by filling yours with one letter posts! Or I’ll just type your name in the “Don’t allow” box like I did mine and Amoeba’s. Besides that, you’re in my blogroll TWICE. Pick one email and stick with it and you’d have like 45 comments! Pft.

  2. I don’t need to tweek my colors…they are fine…and I am emailing a screen shot of your screen what I see … hmmm i can do the one letter at a time thing as well 🙂 ooh…let the games begin

    Thom’s last blog post..Getting Old

  3. Bill — thank you.

    Nessa — oh! I forget to send you the email. I’ll put you on my ‘to-do” list.

    Church Lady — I hope I am always charmed and never learn to take it for granted.

    Mar — so did I!

    Lisa — I still have the last flowers Amoeba brought me. They are planted out by the driveway and still blooming!

    Cherie — my love is a sweet one.

    Barbara — my nose is running like a faucet and my face is getting some sore from all the wiping.

    Raven — is is. I don’t.

    Juliana — Amoeba is all of those things — off and on. Mostly.

    Thom — they are not fine. Your darks are too light.

    Jientje — I am, aren’t I? And Thom is laughing at you — again.

    Bill — are you tattling?

  4. Nice new theme…much better I think. But in your gravatar settings I would take out use Gravatar’s in comments…you get two pictures and I dunno in mine I thought it looked ridiculous myself…And I aint standing in no corner LOL

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  5. Thom — I don’t know what your looking ridiculous has to do with your Gravatar. AND, I’m not sure I have any corners big enough to hold you, anyway.

    Dr. John — amen!

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