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It’s Gonna Be One of Those Days

She handed him the shirt she’d just ironed.  “We live in Hawaii.  Why can’t we just run naked on the beach?”

He said:  “Depends.  It matters which beach you pick.”

She said: “If we had to wear Depends®, we wouldn’t be naked, now would we?  Besides, we’d soak up a lot of ocean to boot.”

He said:  “Who wears boots to the beach?”


  1. You two are kiling me. LOL

    We went to the ocean
    Without suntan lotion
    We were goimg to go nude
    but thought that was rude
    We put on our boots
    Oh what a hoot
    They matchd our depends
    Yet we still got the bends

        1. Rotten Ronnies are the way to go
          They make you see what’s to and fro

          So keep posting them up
          and sip out of your cup

          For we will see
          whose naked with thee

          Thom’s last blog post..David Is Going Home

  2. Oh Buford and Betty were in the buff
    They thought for a moment it would be rough
    But Betty said to Buford in a cordial way
    Forget the depends our diapers are here to stay

    Buford looked over at Betty
    Then looked over at the jetty
    There’s your two by four
    Now let’s head for the door

    Both Buford and Betty all dressed in their boots
    Left the beach nude too look for the loot
    After finding the loot Betty looked over said
    I don’t mean to do this, it’s something i dread

    She took the big board and gave Buford a swat
    For the money they stole would buy her a yacht
    Bye Bye old Buford you poor old yoke
    Nude Betty was destined for a brand new bloke

    Thom’s last blog post..David Is Going Home

    1. As I said, for someone who hates poetry, you sure write a lot of it — and you just keep getting better and better.

      1. You could always write about the “Bus Wench” who waited on the Bench for the Bus that Never Arrived. It could be a Tragic Poem.

        Just a thought

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