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Here is some news you may or may not appreciate:  two new lenses and a very sturdy camera case are making their way toward my home via mail.  I should receive them today or Monday.  I am hoping for today.

If it is today, I will know in a couple of hours.  In the meantime, I’d best clean my house so I can be free to go out picturing.  I am especially very excited to try out the 55-200 mm zoom!

Off to clean!


No cleaning got done!  About 20 minutes after dropping off the mail, the mail truck returned and parked at the end of my driveway.  I rushed out, jumping up and down in excitement, and asked the mailcarrier if she had a package for me!  She did!  She did!  She did!  Woot!  I am off to take pictures!

(If any of you stop by, would you mind doing a bit of cleaning while you’re here?)


  1. Oooooh! This means you’ll be taking some really marvy pics!!
    I hope your delivery comes today.
    House work? Get it done, then have fun picturing and photoing.


    Jamie Dawn’s last blog post..Blog Church 2009 #11

    1. JD — I miss my camera horribly! I see so many things I want to snap and while my little instant camera is nice, it doesn’t do the kind of things my big one will!

  2. Congrats Quilly, I am looking forward to your pictures being posted again.

    I didn’t know you could have them sent by Email though 😉


    Bill’s last blog post..Carseland Trip

  3. Something to look forward to on Monday, then! I have never had lenses, I guess I should grow up one of these days 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your new pictures next week!!

        1. In that case, Bill has suggested that I use your credit card to buy round trip first class tickets for you, me and Amoeba to the Calgary Stampede, so, would you bring it over? If you’re thinking the tickets will be too pricy, we could always get you a seat in coach.

          1. I’m thinking Westjet, they don’t have First Class but direct flights from Vancouver to Honolulu and Maui Year Round and Kona Seasonal. Free TV provided you provide your own Headsets. Couple of dollars and change if you buy them onboard, (you get to keep them).

            Then once in Vancouver a quick change of Planes for Calgary via Westjet connecting flight and you are here. With Westjet the connections are in the same terminal and sometimes same gate.

            If you time your arrival right I could have some transfers waiting for you at the Airport and you could catch the 57, it runs every half hour.

            With Thom’s Gracious Help we’d be able to Get Dr John and Betty to meet up with us.

            Just a thought where Thom is paying.

            Bill’s last blog post..It Is Coming To An End

          2. Oh my word. You put a lot of effort into this dream! I have already signed on for my vacation this year and Amoeba and I will be going to San Juan Island again this summer! Amoeba teaches there every other year — and yes, that means we’ve been together two years.

          3. Maybe someday Quilly we can all get together for a week of fun for real.

            Yes it was fun making this up, We’ll let Thom think it is real though and he has to spring for all these tickets 😉

            Bill’s last blog post..It Is Coming To An End

    1. Thom I hear from the Bus Wench Grapevine (the Bus Wenches have a Big Union) you may not be Cheap but you are Easy.

      Congrats Quilly on the lenses arriving, I expect you will be absent from the Blog for a couple of days whilst you are out taking pictures.

      Glad you Weekend is 110% better now.

      I’m thinking Stampede would be a good place for you to take some pictures.

      1. Bill — I don’t think I’ll be gone too long. I’ll want to share those fabulous pics! As to the Stampede, send airline tickets (for two, round trip). They don’t have to be first class, but gee that would be nice. 😉

        1. I’ll see what I can do, You realize Thom will want to come along so that makes three tickets, anyway you could charge the tickets to his CC.

          1. How can I charge them to Thom’s credit card? He is much larger than I, and I am certain if I reached for his wallet, he would have some questions for me. I will just tell him, “Bill said I could!”

  4. How exciting!! If you’re like us when waiting for a package..we hover around the front door watching out for the mailman the earliest possible time he could come on the earliest possible day it could get there. Glad it came today! I know you’re having fun with it!

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..Catching up with awards and tags

    1. Barbara — I have been at the mailbox since about 20 seconds after Amoeba ordered the package! And this was the earliest possible moment it could arrive!

  5. YAY!! I’m so happy for you! Just try not to roll your lenses across busy streets this time. It’s kind of a silly thing to do.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Hearts and Lace

    1. Lisa — Distressing, too! Did you notice I said I got TWO lenses? 18-55mm & 55-200mm. But I promise I am going to work very hard at taking excellent care of both!

        1. I was a Bus Wench today Thom, I rode my friend Barb’s Route 19. She never drove this route before and it can be a pain in the bum to do if you don’t know the route. (Quillster’s Blog got to keep it G-Rated). Rode the route with her to show her the hidden turns. Took 141 pictures on the trip. May share some.


          Oh I”d get an ointment for those Bus Wenches and Bus Gnats that you got, some can be quite Irritating.

          Bill’s last blog post..It Is Coming To An End

    1. I am! I am! And it feels, good now, da da da da da da da, like I knew that it would know …

      I did a major happy dance and am still walking just a bit above the ground!

  6. Oh I am so glad that you got that lens. I know how much you missed doing your photography. Have fun, but please do check in from time to time.

    OJM’s last blog post..Wordzzle 61

    1. Jientje — if you were here I’d have wanted you to come out and play with me! The cleaning would have waited for us!

  7. I can send you Rosie over, she likes to clean the kitchen by putting her mice around the food bowls.
    Curious to see the results of your photo hunting with the new toy !!

    Gattina’s last blog post..

  8. WOW, congratulations, Quilly. I know how exciting it is to get new camera &/or equipment. More toys for our photo taking pleasures. I have a 35mm camera I no longer use now that I have 2 digitals, and I have a 50-200mm lens for it, as well as a x2 teleconverter, so with it the zoom becomes 100-400mm. I always loved that. Both my digital cameras have great zooms on them too, the Kodak has a x10 optical zoom and the Fujifilm has a x12. I wouldn’t want a camera without a good zoom. Enjoy your new toys.

    Oh, if you noticed some things missing from your fridge, I came by while you were out and cleaned up some in there. Yummy.

    Alice in BC Canada’s last blog post..>>> Quote of the Day <<<

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