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Jientje’s 1000 Words Photo Challenge

Jientje, our mistress of fun, has cooked up a wonderful photo challenge, and this is what she has to say about it:

When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by the colourful language my grandmother used. She had such a way with words, she had her own funny ways to describe things and that memory still makes me smile. As long as people have been around, they have tried to communicate with each other. As a means of getting the message across as clearly as possible, idioms and sayings have found their way into our language.

Now, because a picture paints a thousand words, I thought it would be nice to make this a new photo challenge. The idea is to pick an idiom, or a saying, ( even slang is allowed) and illustrate it with a picture. Each week we’ll cover two letters of the alphabet, okay?

If  “language is the dress of thoughts” ( Johnson), then idioms must the wardrobe …

And so we continue ….

Week Five: I & J

If  It Walks Like a Duck, and Talks Like a Duck, it Must Be a Duck!

This simply means, don’t go trying to convince me that he/she/you/it,
is something it’s obviously not.


Just What the Doctor Ordered.

This is most often said when one is handed something that exactly fits his/her
wants or needs at that moment.


If you liked this, you can see what the other players have come up with by stopping by Jientje’s, Heaven is in Belgium, and clicking on the links. If you really liked this, grab your camera and play along! Jientje is one heck of a hostess and a good time will be had by all!


  1. I can see a running thread here, the first about the duck, and the second about its Quack.

    I do hope you also call some doctors ‘Quacks’ over the pond, otherwise you won’t know what I’m talking about.

    Anthony North’s last blog post..TONY ON MONSTERS

  2. The odd one out? Hahaha, like that!

    And the second one: I think you need that quite a lot, don’t you? Poor you!
    Thanks for playing, liked the pictures, and you did not have to bother the Amoeba for them this time? LOL!

    Jientje’s last blog post..A Thousand Words In Idioms, I and J

    1. Jientje — my allergies do seem to be a permanent fixture any more. And this photo would have worked for odd one out, wouldn’t it!?

  3. Love the ducks!! and I actually had your J idiom picturing a glass of red wine but then I thought it could come across the wrong way… duhhhh!
    So sorry about your allergies.

    Mar’s last blog post..idioms: I and J

  4. Neither of these ever entered my head! Glad they entered yours! You portrayed them perfectly! I’ve seen the duck picture before – but I don’t remember that black and white one — I’ve never seen that kind of coloring on a duck before! Of course, the RED one – he’s a Wannabe Duck!!!

    Melli’s last blog post..Idiom Wednesday… and stuff…

    1. The black and whites are Muscovy ducks. You are looking at the hens in this pic. And don’t try to tell that red one he isn’t a duck. He grew up in that flock and has no clue he’s different!

  5. Q…how is it I think these are related idioms some how…Most doctors are quacks if ya ask me so is that a congreation of Doctors in the first photo? Excellent idioms. You wouldn’t be referring to anyone you know with the first one would ya ?

    Thom’s last blog post..A Thousand Words In Idioms – I and J

    1. Thom — [shakes head]. Scroll up and read Tony’s comment. I keep telling you, you’ve got to stay up later or get up earlier!

      1. Where in the hell do you think I got the idea? ROFLMAO…i just wanted to drive you nuts and I truly succeed at it…I’m a Brillant Quacker 🙂

        Thom’s last blog post..Comment System

  6. The rooster only makes the point that it does not look like a duck, or walk like a duck, or sound like a duck, therefore must not be a duck.

    I had no idea you guys in Paradise suffered with allergies, too. I’m off to to see if they have what is high in your area. 😉 Mine are bearable today for a change.

    amberstar’s last blog post..Storms in the night

    1. Amber — try telling the rooster that. He grew up with that flock.

      And paradise has plants from all over the world. We suffer EVERYONE’S allergies! Plus the vog.

  7. doesn’t have Hawaii in it, but while searching around I found that you guys have Vog….volcano gases mixed with something. Also, that allergens abound in the islands….sounds likely. The only time I really had a BAD time allergywise was when we visited a textile factory. I could hardly wait to get outside of there and my nose was stopped up all that day. I still get it when I go into some fabric stores.

    I wish you better days and Zyrtec is pretty good..but makes me sleepy.

    amberstar’s last blog post..Storms in the night

    1. Yes — I’ve written about the vog and taken pics that show what it looks like. Believe it or not, those medicines above were recommended by the doc, even though they’re over-the-counter drugs. And they do the job. I used Zyrtec in Vegas, but it wasn’t working here.

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