30 thoughts on “Bugged

  1. And why don’t ya just stop off at your doctor’s office on the way home hmmm? oh right, DayQuil is your friend…I wonder why…possibly the Quil part of it? LOL Quack Quack

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  2. Hope you are felling better soon Quilly, try Nyquil for bedtime, this stuff can really knock you out and give you that good sleep you need.

      • I find it hysterical that you and several others referred to your stories. I most definitely was NOT referring to your stories.

        As I have said to my daughter on occasion – Not all things are about you, although they should be.


        Feel better now?

        Nessa’s last blog post..I am not nice like that

  3. Ewww…hope you don’t have the N1H1 yuck…it continues to spread. Take care of yourself…Dayquil has saved me more than once when I had to work and had a cold. Nyquil is good sleepin’ too.

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  4. Sorry I missed your bout of bugginess… I too hope you are feeling better THIS day! You do seem to be sick a lot… I’m not sure Paradise agrees with you! Did you have these problems in Nevada?

    Melli’s last blog post..It’s All Greek To Me…

    • Melli — yes! In Nevada I was guaranteed at least two sinus infections per year, a winter flu and an attack or three of asthma threatening to turn into pneumonia. I have actually been sick less here — and not near as sick, which is probably why you’re hearing about it more.

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