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  1. Get better and go to a damn doctor…I know I know…Tuesday. See ya around 6:15 and if ya need anything on my way home from the airport…call me 🙂

    Thom’s last blog post..Math Puzzle

  2. Again? I’m starting to worry about you for real. Hope you feel better soonish…like overnight.

    The book I’m reading is Looking Back by Belva Plain. It took me a long time to get into it. It is like it is in the ’50s, but then she will throw in cds…and they sure are more modern than these people act. It is about three women who met in college and live in the same town afterward. It is heading in a Peyton Place direction as of last night, but it was a New York Times bestseller and was copyrighted in 2001. Go figure. I sometimes think stuff gets on the Times list because people buy it because it is on the list.

    I just noticed the briefcase with the sticker that says not to open until the apocalypse. Oh my…you probably do not know what a temptation that would be for me. 😉

    amberstar’s last blog post..Ah Dude….

  3. A nice warm beer helps with the chills. Gotta be a cheap beer, tho.

    That and tall bottle of tylenol.

    Get well soon!

  4. Again? That’s awful. I’m sorry you feel yucky and hope you’re feeling better very soon. Lots of fluids to stay well hydrated. And rest… rest is very good. Love you.

    Brooke’s last blog post..Laughing at myself

  5. I am afraid you are never getting well !!! Maybe you are running a low grade infection all the time. Or you need to move back to the states where we have horible weather and lots of kids with runny noses to infect you on a steady basis.
    At any rate, I am worried about you. Please take care. XOOXOOXOXOO

  6. As one who waited too long because of ” important things” please go to the Doctor.

    Dr. John’s last blog post..

  7. Oh dear, popped by for a little witty erudition and met by poorly Quilly, hope you are back to your usual self soon! Take care…

  8. Sick as a dog?

    Tossing your cookies?

    Just teasing — trying to pretend it’s Punny Monday without a visual (though I am grateful not to have a visual for these…)

    Hope you feel better asap!

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..Ups and Downs

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