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Perhaps Mending

I am feeling better.  I can hold my head up and stay awake for longer than 40 minutes at a time.  I finally took some Immodium so I wouldn’t have to spend most of those 40 minutes in the bathroom.  (I know, TMI)

I want to thank each of you for your kind wishes on my last blog post.  I haven’t felt much like sitting up and don’t know how many of you I’ll get to visit before I go back down.

Having the flu is a real drag.  Nothing can make it better, but I have to tell you that Thom sure went a long way in helping.  There was no way I was driving Amoeba to the airport.  I emailed Thom with barely any time to spare and asked him if he could. He immediately agreed.  Then, when he came to get Amoeba, he asked me if I needed anything from the store.  I asked for chicken soup and apple juice and I gave him a $20.00 bill.  Then Thom took my Amoeba away and I went to bed.

No sooner did I fall asleep then the phone rang.  It was Amoeba.  He said, “Would you walk over to my desk and look to see if my laptop is there?”  I did.  It was.  Amoeba said, “I need that.”  So I called Thom, who was driving back from the airport, and he agreed to come get the computer and deliver it to Amoeba!

Thom arrived to pick up the computer.  He carried into the house Alka-Seltzer Plus, a 12 pack of 7-Up, 6 cans of chicken soup, 2 liters of Pomegrante Juice and a gallon of Apple Juice.  Then he took Amoeba’s computer and shot back out the door.  As he was leaving he apologized for skipping his usual Hawaiian greeting — a hug and a kiss on the cheek — but he said he was already feeling under-the-weather himself, and didn’t want to add my bugs to the mix.  And on top of all that he returned my $20.00 bill.

This afternoon Thom called to see how I was feeling and if I needed anything.  I told him I was fine and asked about his health.  He’d told me that he’d just left the doctor’s office.  He has bronchitis and an ear infection.

So, let me recap, Thom made two trips to the airport — when one is above and beyond the call of friendship — did my grocery shopping — getting not only what I wanted, but what he thought I should have, and he refused payment — and did all this while he, himself, was sick.  They just don’t make friends any better than that.  (Ms. Julie, you can be proud of your boy, he’s a good one!)


  1. Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Maybe it’s a blogger flu? All kidding aside, I really do wish you a speedy recovery. With my bout of the flu last month, I just wished it could be over much earlier.

    And props to Thom for helping you out! A great blogger and a great friend. Maybe I should call him next time I’m sick.

    Capsun (@exbor)’s last blog post..In Defense of State Employees

    1. Capsun, if what you had is what I have, I am not at all surprised it took you so long to recover. If I tangled with a calico kitten right now, I’d probably lose!

  2. WOW, you rarely find a man that does all that when he’s sick. They usually are such big Babies 🙂

    Hope you both feel better VERY soon!

  3. That’s really nice, I hope you poor girl feel a little better now. It’s awful having the flu ! I always plan my funerals then !

    Gattina’s last blog post..

    1. Gattina — I was considering planning my funeral. I was certain I couldn’t feel that horrid and still live!

  4. LOL…Quilly thanks for the props. I’m just glad you are on the mend. I do remember Capsun being sick as well. It’s miserable. You beat me to the punch with this, but I saved something like this for my FFF. And to give you a sneak preview I end it by saying “When I drop off the goodies and secure the laptop Quilly says something like “this is going above and beyond.” I just laughed and said no problem. My point, when a friend is in need you help. It just makes you feel better. Quilly hope you are feeling better and the 2 weeks until you leave for vacation with Charley will go quickly” Get well soon my friend and it was my pleasure to help you when you needed it…I hope you know you can always rely on me 🙂 Mahalo Nui Loa

    Thom’s last blog post..My Failed Attempt to Stump a Great Deal of Wonderfully Smart People

    1. Hmmm — and I thought you’d be making fun of Amoeba for taking everything in the house, and then leaving his computer behind! LOL! And why are you thanking me for my thank you! We could do this all day! Mahalo Nui Loa!

  5. I’m glad to read that you are feeling better now, Quilly. Hope you be healthy again very soon and can enjoy your upcoming vacation. What a wonderful friendship! I can quite imagine that Thom would be like this. Take care 🙂

    Rosidah Abidin’s last blog post..Looks Can Be Deceiving

    1. Rosidah — Thom is an incredible person and I am lucky he decided to hunt me down and be my friend. I guess I should thank Capsun for that, huh?

  6. I hopoe you;re feeling better, Quilly.

    So he left without his laptop – now THAT is irrefutable proof that is is worried sick about you.

    No, seriously.

    Just got back from a few days away. Drove 1200 km to photograph an inanimate object. Yes, that’s right!

  7. And to top it off, he has been waiting by his computer last night ( that would be your morning?) for me to call for help to install a new version of Firefox! He has assisted me all the way through it about an hour ago. He had already spent a huge part of an evening (a morning?) with me last week, when we could not get it to work! He’s so patient and helpful, well I’m sure you already know THAT!!

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better Quilly, I was really worried about you. My diagnosis would be it’s because your Amoeba is going away that you became ill. You two just can’t live without each other! Take care. Big big, BELGIAN hug!

    j’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday Rain … Go Away …

    1. Jientje — it is because I told my darling Amoeba — and you know how much I love him — that I was looking forward to not having to clean up after him for a couple of weeks. As it is, when I get well, it’s going to take me a couple of weeks to clean the house!

  8. First off, I hope you are feeling way better now! 😉

    And on to your post…hmmm, now whay I’m not surprise to read this about Thom? I don’t know but since I have gotten to know him (just a few read and exchanges of comments recently) he just seems to give me this very good aura!

    I guess we are all blessed to have Thom!

    Mariposa’s last blog post..Memory Lane…Fun At Work!

    1. So far, all the people I have met on the internet and let into my RL have been pretty amazing. Where are all the weirdos we hear about? (Not that I want to meet one!)

    1. Melli — despite the flu — or actually because of it — this week I really know that. The pastor has called twice, 2 other ladies from the church have called, 2 have sent emails, my coworkers have checked in, and Thom has been outstanding.

    1. I’m sure Barbara you would have done the same. I seem to remember a post about your sons friend coming and you tidying up and all…that was excellent so I know you would do the same…it’s just the type of person you are 🙂

      Thom’s last blog post..Tuesday’s Tales! – 6/9/09

  9. Thom, you’re a good egg!

    Glad you are on the mend too my dear. I haven’t had the flu for a long, long time, but remember the time I did all too well.

    Be well.

    Jeff B’s last blog post..Camping

    1. Jeff — I only remember having the flu this badly once before, 15 years ago. I still hadn’t forgotten it and didn’t need this repeat.

  10. First, I am glad you are feeling better.

    Second, I am glad Thom is such a good friend to you guys.

    Third, I am sorry Thom is sick.

    Fourth, I think Hawaii is a cess pit of disease!

    Nessa’s last blog post..Monday Meme – Dislikes

    1. Nessa — as to #4 — yes, this island is like a goldfish bowl. The germs circle the island repeatedly until we all become immune, and then something new crops up.

  11. Glad you are getting a little better. High temp can make you feel so awful, and add in the shaking chills alternating with burning up…yeah..real bummer. Thom is a treasure for sure.

    amberstar’s last blog post..Ah Dude….

    1. Amber — those were my symptoms, yes. And I am now going on my third day of diarrhea. So far that has been the worst. The fever can be managed with IBuprophen, blanketrs and showers. Nothing has worked on the other. Luckily, I see the doc in a couple of hours.

  12. Quilly you are lucky to have Thom so close, he is such a good friend. Mum always used to tell us a Real Friend is one who’d give the shirt off their back when they only had the one they were wearing. I think Thom fits into this category.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. I miss your visits.

    Bill’s last blog post.."Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"

    1. LOL…Lady…I like to think so. I’ll tell ya how we get sick…it’s this frickin weather change here. We go from nice windy days that have cool temps to days where there is no wind and it is miserable and then the VOG (Volcanic Smog) from Kialuea on the Big Isle makes it way over here and it smells like a cess pool and it’s hard to breathe…and then they wind comes back and it gets chillier…then the rain falls…No happy medium…LOL…And I only complain today because I’m not totally 100% well from this bronchitis and ear infection ROFLMAO Go Figure

      Thom’s last blog post..Tuesday’s Tales! – 6/9/09

  13. Quilly, i am so glad that you are getting better, but am sooo sorry that Thom is sick. I talked to him earlier and he just sounds so bad. I am so glad that you two know each other. Thom has always been so helpful and kind to everyone in our family, and he is the same way with his friends. Its so nice to know that he has such nice people surrounding him. Take care… Julie

    1. @ Julie: Did you know he helped me too this morning? Being sick and all? I never knew he was sick, but he was there to help me online!
      Your son is the best, and I’m dying to meet him and give him a great Big Belgian Bombshell hug!! LOL!

      Jientje’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday Rain … Go Away …

    2. Julie — Thom was just here. He does indeed sound bad, but he is just as loud and bossy as ever. Trying to have a conversation with him was like trying to chase water drops on a hot, greased skillet!

  14. I’m really jealous now. All last week when I was sick my friend did nothing for me. Except stay away. I went to the doctor by myself (when I don’t really think I was in condition to drive), I took my scripts to the pharmacy, bought myself soup and juice because even though she does the grocery shopping…she buys nothing of substance.

    I think I need a new friend.

    silverneurotic’s last blog post..No more coffee?

    1. SN — Hmmmm, did you ask for help? Or bite her whenever she came near? And what do you do when she’s ill? You see, I started the whole thing by contacting Thom and asking for help.

  15. I hope by now the worst is over and the chicken soup an sleep have worked their curative magic! And arn’t friends like Thom great!

    Lew’s last blog post..Car-pinions

  16. From those symptoms, I guess you’re wishing you had swine flu instead of what you ended up with! Glad you’re on the mend now!

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