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Friday Harbor — Day 2: Almost Awake

I got up this morning to see Amoeba off to work.  As far as my body was concerned it was still 4 a.m., but I was bound and determined to stay up.  I made it to 10:30 a.m., when I was forced to face the difference between stubborn and stupid.  I was so tired I was shivering, couldn’t think clearly, and my arms felt like they weighed 100 pounds a piece.  I stumbled into the bedroom and fell face down on the mattress.  Just two hours later I woke refreshed and feeling good.

It was time to fix Amoeba lunch and me breakfast.  We had bacon sandwiches.  We also had a conversation about the fact that the apartment refrigerator was nothing more than a large cupboard no longer familiar with the concept of cold.  Amoeba called the office and left a maintenance request, he then returned to work.

A half hour later the maintenance guy showed up.  He confirmed that the refrigerator seemed to have no idea what it meant to be cold.  A half hour after that, we had a new old refrigerator.  It works.  That’s enough to make me happy.

After the maintenance guy left, I went in the bathroom and noticed — via the wall mirror — that I had my t-shirt on wrong side out.  From that we can all rest assured that I am completely rested and back to my normal self.


  1. Oh no. Watch out. She’s back. OC in the 2 weeks up there didn’t notice that refrigerator? LOL men.

    1. Thom — OC did notice the fridge wasn’t up to snuff, and he even filed a complaint. The maintenance guy said whoever came by and looked at it left a note that it was still making ice. This maintenance guy also said, that the machine must have made that ice out of boredom, because it was obvious nothing else in the freezer was frozen and nothing in the fridge was very cold.

      OC will say, in the first guy’s defense, that the refrigerator was sort of working until yesterday. I guess my arrival put it over the edge. It was probably the Diet Pepsi.

  2. Glad you got a fridge that works..well, pretty much works…which is much better than not working at all. My TV is not working at all, so you can only imagine the grief I am suffering until tomorrow when they are supposed to come fix it. The tiny little 19″ tv in the bedroom is just not cutting it for me and everytime I go in there and lay down on the bed I go to sleep.

    Ah…glad you are starting to adjust. They say it takes 1 day for each hour. It won’t be hard for you, but you will wake up very early. 🙂 Have fun and take lots of pix.

    amberstar’s last blog post..Kitty Confusion

    1. Amber, it is an old fridge, but it is in excellent working condition. Plus, it’s an old friend. It came from the apartment we stayed in two years ago!

    1. Carletta — it is my vacation, but Amoeba has a work schedule to maintain, and as his helpmate, I wanted to be there to meet his needs — not that he expected me to do anything today but rest. Even so, I managed to cook 3 meals, grocery shop, attend to the switching of the refrigerators, and get a load of laundry done. Oh, and please note, it is after midnight and I am still wide awake because my body thinks it is only 9 p.m.!

  3. Good to see you rested up. I don’t have one of your problems. I always wear shirts. You get a hint that it’s the wrong way round when you do contortions to try to fasten the buttons.

    Anthony North’s last blog post..HELL BOUND ONE

    1. Tony — as a rule I look at myself after dressing to see of I am decent, but yesterday was a special case. Besides, I don’t think I could have buttoned buttons be they wrong-side or right-side out!

    1. Thumbelina, many years ago now, I rode the city bus to work, arrived at my desk and my team teacher looked up at me and cracked up laughing. I had my DRESS on wrong side out. Now as a rule I look in the mirror every morning after dressing. Yesterday I ws just non compos mentis.

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