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Kenmore Air to Friday Harbor

You already read about the first leg of my trip, the NWA flight and my arrival at SeaTac.  None of which went smoothly.  Well, after I reached door 00 and contacted Kenmore Air, all my stress came to an end.  The receptionist at Kenmore Air assured me that I was in the right place, and the courtesy van would be there within the half-hour to pick me up.  It arrived in 15 minutes and the driver took me and two other passengers to King County Airport at Boeing Field.

After a short wait,I and two other passengers were ushered out to our airplane.  I took the photo below through the waiting room window.  Turns out that even though this was the closest plane to the airport, the plane we took is the red one barely visible to the left of the photo.

Our pilot — who said he was also our stewardess — gave us the pre-flight instructions and off we flew into the wild blue gray overcast sky.

Because it was a foggy day, Seattle was looking just a bit blue.

As we flew toward Friday Harbor, the sky got thicker and took on a tinge of gray.  As we approached the San Juans Islands, shrouded in mist, they looked like a good setting for a Gothic murder mystery.

The pilot said, “We’ll be making our final approach to Friday Harbor,” and the skies opened up and poured down rain.

The pilot laughed and said, “Fasten your seat belts!” Of course our seat belts were already fastened and we could all tell he wasn’t worried. He landed the plane with barely a bump.

Amoeba was waiting for me just inside the terminal doors with a great big hug!


    1. Thom — 3 generations ago, Kenmore Air built their business with the idea of being personal and friendly, and they haven’t lost that touch!

        1. The posts are right out here in public … and I told the Kemore Air piot I was going to blog about him. He said he’d look for it.

  1. Yikes, that plane is SMALL 😀
    But at least you got personal service 😉

    Love the flight pictures – way cool!

    (Btw. is there a chance that you can add the “mail follow up comments” to this blog skin?
    🙂 )

    Nicole’s last blog post..Anything but a pipe

    1. Nicole, if I have time later, I will look for a follow comments application. I have amny plans for the day that don’t include computering!

    1. Bill — thanks. I was thrilled that the last photo turned out so well. I wasn’t sure since I was shooting through a rainy windshield from several seats back.

  2. Great pics Quilly… I have to admit though that now i am living in the middle of nowhere, near sea and beautiful hills and valleys, the idea of going to Seattle is quite attractive rather than more countryside, though the islands in the mist look amazing!

    1. Seattle is an interesting city, but if you are coming to the U.S., it probably isn’t one of the first places you’ll want to visit. You’ll get an entirely too liberal and green opinion of us … 😉

  3. Oh, I’ve never gotten to ride on one of those baby planes! They’re so cute! Sounds like they’re more fun and waaaaaay more accommodating too! I really wanna visit Friday Harbor… with you there…

    Melli’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday

    1. Melli — two years ago I got to ride on a Kenmore seaplane. I loved that trip, but I forgot my camera! Taking off from a lake and landing in the harbor was an awesome experience and our pilot made it seem effortless!

    1. Thumbelina — we have had sunshine and blue skies since a couple of hours after we landed! This morning the day is gorgeous!

  4. I hope your red plane was a little bigger than the yellow planes…but it got you there safe and sound. Wish I was there with you…our temps are forecast to be in the 100s all week.

    Hope you are more rested now.

    amberstar’s last blog post..Kitty Confusion

    1. Amber, I am rested now, and the red plane was not bigger than the yellow plane. The red plane can carry 8 passengers, a pilot and a co=pilot, but it only had 3 passengers.

    1. Amoeba is a sweetheart. Sometimes I marvel that he’s mine! And I love it here so much I just can’t think in terms of murder …..

  5. Cool pics, and how nice that you had a pilot with a sense of humor. That plane looks like it might take a little creativity to pass out the beverages & peanuts. lol 😉

    1. Cherie — oh, I don’t know, he could just hand them back over the seat …. but on a 35 minute flight, there’s just not time for the finer things. 😉

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