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Conversating Thom

It started innocently enough with a simple email  …

Thom: “I will pick your glasses up and do any mail on Friday. I’ll just make that the day since I’m off…(no wisecrack here) Hope you are having a good time.  Aloha.”

Me: “Friday is fine.  And, I am so far cooking and washing dishes and grocery shopping and laundrying, but in a few my camera and I are going out for a walk!  Amoeba and crew have gone on a field trip with a packed lunch, and he won’t be back until dinner time.  I have all day to play and use of a car, but I just may remain on foot.”

Thom: “k…I so loved those shots of the airport…that was cool…you don’t get to see that kind of shots very often :)”

Me: “I am glad you enjoyed it.  I was wishing for better weather, but the rain didn’t mess up the shots as much as I feared it would.”

Thom: “picky picky picky.”

Me: “pft”

Thom: “I see the lips aren’t tired any longer.”

Me: “Is it imperative that you have the last word in this conversation?”*

Thom: “Possibly…just like someone on the other end of this email must as well :)”

Me: “Who, me? Nah!”

Thom: “pffft”

Me: “I already said that!”

Thom: “Yeah, but I didn’t.”

Me: “Go to work!”

Thom: “still too early…I’m not on PDST”

Me: “Well, I am and it’s time to shower and head out and play!  Laters!”

Thom: “have a good time. Aloha.”

Me: “Aloha.  (Which leaves me with the last word!)”

Thom:  “happy trails”

Me: “LOL!”

Thom: “Syonara.”

Me: “hasta la vista!”

Thom: “Adios!”

Me: “A gentleman would let me win.”

Thom: “but you ain’t talking with a gentleman!”

Me: “yeah, and if I were I probably wouldn’t have this big smile on my face.”

Thom: “ROFLMAO…okay so shouldn’t you go and take photos and just walk away like any dignified lady would ?”

Me: “Why, yes, I think I should!”

Thom: “ta ta.”

Me: “mwah!”

Thom: “Back at ya.”

Me: “You win, I’m out of here!”

Thom: “ta ta.”**

*Please note that as soon as I said this, I realized I had two options: to lose, or to continue the conversation indefinitely.

**On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t have given up so easily.  He was starting to repeat himself …..


  1. Was just seeing if you were paying attention with the last ta ta…I see you were. and Please not? hmmm itneresting choice of words Note to anyone reading this. This is not the first conversation of this type I’ve had with Quilly. Most of the time it’s her that ALWAYS get’s the last word in, edgewise and all.

    Thom’s last blog post..My Birthday Contest

  2. Ha! At the airport, I said the last good-bye, but then you got in your car and honked the horn! Your right there for every drop of attention …..

    1. And don’t think I didn’t notice that the first two comments are STILL you and Thom both trying to get the last word!!!

      Melli’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday

          1. Thom, I said I won and was going to bed. You agreed that everyone else thinks I won as well. That’s all I needed.

            I WON!

    1. No rules, Melli. Just blessings. But if you say just the right thing, you can likely get Thom to heckle you, too. It’s not like he discriminates … 😉

          1. One of these days you are going to show up in my house and I am going to squirt ketchup all over you. the only thing that’s stopped me so far is — I can’t figure out how to get close enough to cover you ketchup and not ended up looking the same.

          1. IT isn’t where the gun is made that’s the problem. The problem is that you’re bigger and stronger than me and your arms are longer!

    1. Bill, no we weren’t. The entire conversation was a chess match. Neither of us wanted to give the other much to work with, so we were choosing our words very carefully.

    1. Betty, I took 197 pictures today AND I managed to get in a 3 hour nap! What I didn’t do was cook Amoeba dinner! For being so naughty and losing track of time, he rewarded me by taking me out for a wonderful dinner!

          1. Too late. I have been awarded custody of the win. I have also won permission to sleep. Tomorrow is a long day.

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