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Mi Casita Restaurant

Today I went for two different walks and took 197 photographs.  After my morning walk, where I took most of the photographs, I came in, sat down on the couch to check my mail, and woke up 3 hours later.  Way too late to cook the chicken for my Amoeba’s dinner!  So he decided to punish my negligence by taking me to dinner at a place he introduced me to last time we were on San Juan Island:  Mi Casita Restaurant.  The food is yummy and the service is great.

Mi Casita restaurant is in downtown Friday Harbor, but it’s not right on main street, so it doesn’t have that “hurry up” tourist feel to it.  It has a homey, “take your time and enjoy your food” atmosphere.  There is no TV.  There is no blaring music.  What you hear is people having fun.  Better still, it is possible to carry on a conversation with your dining companion without having to yell.

Amoeba -- My Dining Companion

The fun starts before you even get inside. I fell in love with the mailbox!

The food was outstanding — sorry, no photos.  It was so good we gobbled it down!  Amoeba had shredded beef enchiladas and I had carnitas.  We topped the meal off by sharing a dish of fried ice cream.

Sarah -- Our Superb Waitress

Our waitress, Sarah, was great.  She agreed to join us for a photo and even enlisted another member of the staff to snap the pic.  He did a great job even though he wasn’t too sure about the camera.

Amoeba * Quilly * Sarah

When we left, even the mailbox offered a friendly good-bye!


    1. Thom — I deserved a lovely dinner for forgetting to cook Amoeba’s? You know, I came here to take care of him, and since I’ve been here he’s mostl been taking care of me.

  1. It seems you had great fun. Your amoeba looks very colourful for a single-cell ‘thing’! Does he reproduce by dividing?

    1. Ian — Thank you. So far, I’m quite enjoying myself!

      Btw, I keep clicking your RSS feed, but for some reason I’m not getting your posts.

  2. Never had the pleasure of the restraunt but do remember location. Glad you had a good time, just wish I were there to share in both the food and the good times!!! Still trying to work that out. XOOOX C

    1. Caryl — you would like the restaurant. It is just above the ferry queques and the Sunken Park. You would have enjoyed Sarah, too. She was as sweet as she is beautiful.

  3. That restaurant sounds very quaint, and I’m sure the food is marvelous… although I do not have any pictorial proof of how yummy it looks.
    I love that you have a photo of you and your sweetheart AND your waitress! Very casual for sure which makes a meal enjoyable. You have such a pretty smile, and I’d love to join you for lunch someday at that very restaurant. I can dream, can’t I?
    Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you have a good week and lots more time for taking photographs.

    Jamie Dawn’s last blog post..Adventures with Grandad #2

    1. JD — sorry. I really couldn’t picture the food because I only took my telephoto lens. IT so wouldn’t have been polite to climb on someone else’s table to photograph our plates.

    1. Melli — I wish I had the talent for that sort of thing. I do my crafting with words and leave the art supplies to others more competent.

  4. Wonderful photos! I love that pensive expression on Amoeba–and am sorely envious that he has such a lovely beard, when my husband *ugh* shaved his off, just because it was showing a few grey hairs finally. Just when it was getting really good and lovely, it’s gone. I’m not speaking to him. Except that I forget I’m not speaking to him, so he hardly notices. Must remember.

    Sarah’s got an incredible smile; it sounds like a wonderful place.

    Susan at Stony River’s last blog post..SWZ Seeks Brainy Creative Types (Zombie Romance Help Needed)

    1. Susan — I love Amoeba’s beard, and that look on his face came from the fact that I took a half-dozen photos before I got a decent one and the poor man was wondering how long I was going to make him sit there …..

  5. That looks like a place I would like as well.
    Friendly people and cozy atmosphere, great!
    Good food to go with it.
    What more does one want ?

    Nicole’s last blog post..Sauna walk

    1. LOL! I do that at your place, too! Rest assured, your photographs always dazzle me, even when I don’t mention them!

    1. Mar — I think it is the perfect name for that converted Victorian! The inside is very homey, too. Hasta la vista!

  6. Sounds like a nice place to eat. We don’t like the ones where they blare music either.
    Looking forward to seeing those photos!

  7. You both look so happy in the pictures, You both needed this. Do you think Sarah would like to be a Bus Wench. I’m only thinking of Thom, he seems to only (to quote Thom) have the Hags ride his buses.

    Bill’s last blog post..What Is A Bus Wench ??

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