16 thoughts on “The King is Dead

    • Tony — dieing before the England concerts might be what saved him. Had he lived and not made those shows, who knows what his “fame” would have been.

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    • Melli — he is what his fans made him. Internationally famous at 9 years old — too much pressure. He didn’t handle it well, but he could sing and he could dance — and we might all keep in mind he was never found guilty of pedophilia and it has been YEARS since any new allegations have been made. I think the public convicted him even though the courts didn’t. (Please note, I did not proclaim him innocent, I just said I am not in a position to know.)

  2. We are in Italy with our son, he called me this morning to tell me that Michael is dead. I just can’t believe it. We saw him life in 1988 in Brussels. What an artist and performer !!! It’s just so sad that he died so young.

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