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Glimpses of Beauty

Yesterday I took two walks.  In neither walk did I go far from our apartment.  I wanted to take a few pictures to give you an idea of the beauty around me.


Clockwise from top left: (please click to enlarge):   Pacific Madrone Trees (2), Weed, Daisy Cousin with Spit Bug, Wild Blackberries, Wild Rose, Hawk Weed


Clockwise from top left: (please click to enlarge): Harbor Seal, telephone booth, Harbor Seal, Thistle, Biplane, Tree & Sea, Dandelion Fluff, Bird Silhouette  [center] Wild Blackberry.


Clockwise from top left: (please click to enlarge):Fox Glove plant below our bedroom window; Friday Harbor Marina; our apartment (top with balcony); Friday Harbor Labs & dock; our apartment seen from the bottom of the hill


    1. Thumbelina — what is this love hate relationship you have with Comment Luv? I cares which email you use, you know.

  1. Oh boy – what an awesome place!
    I love those trees. I doubt I have ever seen wood like that.
    That’s a phone booth?! 😀
    And I have never seen a seal out in the wild.
    So beautiful!

    Nicole’s last blog post..Dead and hollow

    1. Amber, alas, I am on vacation but Amoeba is not. He teaches from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and since much of it is field work he takes his lunch with him. Then he comes home for dinner and stays about an hour before returning to the lab to prep for the next day’s lessons, or he stays home and works on papers.

    1. Nancy — Neither can I! Let us know which ferry you’ll be getting on so I can meet you. I don’t know if Amoeba will be in class or not (depends on what time you arrive).

  2. I am so loving sitting here and catching up with you. Thank you for being so patient with me,.
    You are in Friday Harbor? How fun! I plan on going there sometime. Hubby and I went to Orcas Island a couple of years back for our anniversary and loved it.

    Jues~’s last blog post..Back At The Beach…..

  3. oh and your picture of the dandelion….made me laugh because of little Kekoa over here. He loves those. He stalks up to the all secretive like and pounces while enveloping it in his mouth. Even when the seeds are freely blowing in the wind they fall victim to his terror.

    Jues~’s last blog post..Back At The Beach…..

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