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She is a bit perplexed this morning — and not amused by it.  It seems that He, despite his two years in Hawaii is content to sleep without covers on these 50 degree nights, while She, after ten years in Vegas then two years in Hawaii, is bundled under the covers from her nose to her toes.  Given that She was swaddled from head to toe and He wore only a scrap of cloth, She wants to know why she woke covered in mosquito bites this morning, and he has nary a one!

She wants to have a serious talk with Mother Nature.  He is perfectly content with the status quo.


  1. Mosquitos know nothing of justice. And they might like females. I’ve had occasion to celebrate the same cruelty.

  2. Oh…it is opposite here, except I get all the mosquito bites. We have screens on the windows and doors. I can’t imagine living somewhere you wouldn’t need them.

    My hubby is cold most of the time. I thought when he went to the doc and found his thyroid was not working properly and got a rx it would change, but not so much really.

    Right now we can’t even imagine 57 degree weather….it is going to be another over 100 day for us.

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    1. Amber — believe me the screens are needed, but this is a very nice (though not elegant) fully furnished (dishes, linens, etc) 2 bedroom apartment that cost us about as much for a month’s rent as one night would have in the local 4 star hotel. So, I’m not going to gripe about the lack of screens — though I am going to grip about the mosquito bites!

  3. heh… it’s because mosquitos are attracted to the person who has the higher blood pressure… or is it the higher cholesterol… I can’t remember which… either way, it’s cause you have the nummier blood

    1. Not blood pressure or cholesterol — estrogen. Females seeking females for an estrogen fix before laying their eggs.

  4. It’s the good rich blood that does it! As for me, I can take the bite but not the annoying sound of a mosquito seeking me out. We’re enjoying heat-free, mozzie-free nights right now and, as one of your other orrespondents says, we have screens on our windows.

    1. Brenda — rented windows sans screens. Alas. And today was beautiful with temos in the high 70s, but the previous two days it has rained!

    1. Nope, Dr. John, they are annoying, buzzing insects. I think Amoeba uncovers me when I am asleep so they can bite me.

  5. THIS happens to me about once every two years! HE sleeps in the buff. SHE sleeps wearing jammies. SHE wakes up with 200 skeeta bites on her fanny! HE gets notta! HOW does that happen??? I’m with ya Quilly…. A Mother Nature confrontation is in order!

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    1. Melli — according to Amoeba, it is our estrogen that makes us the target, so I say lets start sneaking the stuff into the guy’s food ….. “Would you like some estrogen errr, buttermilk pancakes, dear?”

  6. Oh my mortal enemy the mosquito. Blood sucking freaks of nature. They’re the embodiment of evil. Their logic defies comprehension. (If you can resist that initial urge to scratch, they’ll go away much faster and itch a lot less. Believe me, I am an expert. 😉 )

  7. Maybe mosquitos in the southern hemisphere live in opposite land because it’s always my husband that gets eaten alive in our family!

  8. Funny. I can’t sleep without covers. It could be a trillion degrees and I’d need covers. I recommend taking brewer’s yeast. Besides being good for you, it’s supposed to discourage mosquitos who don’t like the smell taste. I had read this and recommended it to a friend years back who was traveling to Bali. She said everyone else was covered in bites and she only got bitten the one day she forgot to take the brewer’s yeast.

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