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Friday Harbor

Day Six

A Few Pictures & a Couple of Anecdotes

She downloaded her pictures and sat beside him with the computer. Please note, He is a BOTANIST/oceanographer. She says to him, “See these pink flowers?” He says, “Hmmm.” She says, “What are they?” He looks at them closely, nods decisively and says, “Pink flowers.”

Pink Flowers

I found this little beauty hiding shyly in the bushes:


Then this sweet Robin,
with a bit of song and dance,
led me in the opposite direction I’d planned to go.

Robin Red Breast

But, thanks to Robin, I found these beautiful Sea Anemones.

Anthopleura Sea Anemones

And, in the next tide pool I found this empty oyster shell being scrubbed by sea snails.

Oyster Shell
Oyster Shell & Sea Snails

When I returned home I found this fella sunning himself on the porch railing.


But by far my favorite pics of the day were of a fisherman who came by while I was playing in the tide pool. He came and went so quickly, there was no time to adjust the speed on my camera, so these are not as clear as I would like.

Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle

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  1. Oh wow, love them all, but the second eagle shot is my total favorite.
    I yet have to see a wild eagle.
    And I’m still chuckling at the pink flower response 🙂

    Nicole’s last blog post..Hungry mail boxes

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh MY GOODNESS! Your eagle sO trumps any plane I’ve got!!! WOW! And the sea anemones! AND the OYSTER shell! WOW! Gorgeous stuff Quilly! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Melli’s last blog post..HIGH Adventure!

    1. Melli — planes land here every day. In fact, sea planes land in the harbor. Come visit and I will show you all of this and more!

  3. It’s good to know the Amoeba has his scientific vocabulary honed to razor sharpness. The anemones are beautiful. And you are so lucky to catch the eagle.

    Nessa’s last blog post..Guess What This Is

    1. Nessa — my Amoeba says if it isn’t ocean botany (and even then primarily seaweed related), any knowledge he has is a bonus. And I was waaaaay lucky to catch the eagle.

  4. Great shots! Looks like you’re having a wonderful time on your vacation. Was that pink flower growing out in the wild or was it in someones garden?

    Shelly’s last blog post..The Messies

    1. Shelly, it was out on Cantilever Point with a mass of wild yellow flowers from the Daisy family, some wild blackberries, and a whole bunch of dried straw grass.

  5. I loved all the pictures but the eagle was special. When we lived in Crystal Falls Eagles were seen often . They had a nest over on the fourth lake. Here in Neenah there are no eagles.

    Dr. John’s last blog post..Raven’s Challenge 69

    1. Dr. John — two days I went looking for the eagle and he never showed. Yesterday I gave him no thought and he swooped down from the sky right in front of me!

    1. Carletta — thank you. I was dreaming of presenting a stunning magazine quality photo — forgetting perhaps that I am an amateur photographer!

    1. Susan — if you ever get a chance to visit the Pacific Northwest of the United States, or even Southwestern Canada, grab your camera and go!

    1. Juliana — Since you are my photography hero, I so wanted you to see this pic. I wanted it to be better, but I am still proud of it just the same!

    1. Thom — Amoeba is working harder here than he was at home! He pretty much works, eats and sleeps. Occasionally I can get him to pause and look at something else, but not for long!

  6. there have been eagles
    nesting at mill pond
    very close to my house!

    mill pond is located next to my friends
    bill and tam…
    she set her camera to video and left it

    when she came back she saw no eagles
    but the swans, canada geese, heron, red tailed hawk and falcon
    all swooped by to wink at her camera…

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