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Why I Love The Pacific Northwest

Mt. Baker

Enough said? Despite the haze, you can still see that this is one spectacular place!

I’m back! I was gone for about 60 hours. I packed round 20 hours of driving and a lot of visiting with friends and family into that time. I am once again in Friday Harbor, but I am exhausted! Stay tuned for more ….


  1. She’s Baaaaccckkk Hope you had a good time my friend. Wonderful picture. Looks very cold up there on that mountain top. Mt. Rainier? I’m not good with geography or mountains. At least I didn’t say the Alps or the Rockies? LOL. Glad you had a good time 🙂

    Thom’s last blog post..Thematic Photographic 56 – Aviation

  2. Thom — you are apparently not good at reading either, because it says right below the photo what mountain it is! (I am back and I am just as mouthy as ever!)

  3. Yeah, she is back!!!! and now I want to go skiing!! (it’s way too hot and sticky over here)

    Mar’s last blog

  4. Nancy — when you get on the ferry at Anacortes, you are probably going to want to stand outside and watch where you’re going, but don’t forget to look back where you’ve been, or you will miss the view of Mt. Baker.

    1. Nessa — I think a few more days with my family might have been nice — but given that such wasn’t in the cards, it is good to be back.

  5. My area is hilly, but not mountainous. It must be wonderful to wake up to that view.

  6. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Quilly’s BACK!!! Oh, I MISSED you terble! Just terble! 60 hours is waaaaaaaaaaay too many to be without a Quilly fix! I’m sure amoeba tol’ you that!
    But now you’re back! Yippeeeeeeee! I do unnerstan’ about the lotta drivin’ lotta visitin’ lotta tired thing! I totally GET that! You’re excused for several hours for sleep purposes!

    Melli’s last blog post..Thematic Photographic 56

    1. Amoeba didn’t tell me 60 hours was too long to be without me, but he met me halfway between the apartment and the parking lot and gave me a hug and a kiss and ushered me inside for egg and toast and home fries for dinner. Then he listened to me babble about my trip and he dutifully llloked at all my pictures and said the right things. And I am not even going to tell you about the 10 or 12 phone calls during the 60 hours I was gone …..

  7. only sixty hours? seemed longer than that…. no wonder you were miffed at the amount of verbage on my blog 🙂 Welcome back Quilly….

    1. I read it all. In fact, I read everything everybody wrote while I was gone, but I didn’t comment on all of it or I would still be at it!

    1. Betty — I agree. In Hawaii I see the neighbor’s garage. We used to have a great ocean view, but we exchanged the view for a better neighborhood.

  8. I’m going to sleep tonight and check back with you tomorrow. Glad you are back with us for a while…and that you got to catch up with family and friends. Night night.

    amberstar’s last blog post..What a Great Day

  9. That photo reminds me of Canberra in Winter. Snow on the mountains, the lake… Wow, I’m almost homesick and I never thought I’d considered that city “home”.

    1. Jientje — it is good to be back, but I enjoyed every second of my time away. It’s nice to have you back, too.

    1. Shelly, I almost forgot to look back over my shoulder and I would have missed it and another spectacular scene I’ll post in just a bit.

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