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Back Pain Relief

Do you suffer from an inexplicable back pain?  Do you take medication for the symptoms which does nothing to address the problem?  If so, then keep reading:

When you go to the doctor suffering back pain, tests are run to eliminate possibilities rather than to identify causes.  If you don’t have something wrong with your spinal cord or the discs themselves, and your heart, kidney, liver (etc.), check out okay, then you must indeed be suffering back pain.  The answer is generally, “Sorry, here’s a pain pill.  They’re addictive and leave you disoriented and drooling (when you’re not asleep), but I’m sure they’ll make your life better.”

Happily, there is another option. Back To Yourself, the leading provider of back exercises on the web*, offers a high quality series of video exercises to reduce and prevent back pain.  If you’re a back pain sufferer check out their website.

You know, if you never want to be a back pain sufferer you might also want to check out B2Y’s webpage!  They offer free access to their exercise pages; the actual program involves a daily exercise routine with easy to understand and follow online videos; and they offer a free trial period.  What have you got to lose but that horrid back pain?

*website claim

This was a paid post.  The links were removed on 10.12.09


  1. Doug — I wrote this post myself. The sponsor tells me which points they wish emphasized and dictates the link to be used. Other than that, I am on my own. Why, do I sound like one of those “But Wait!” infomercials?

  2. how does this work for you to get credit do I respond to their web site. Would love to help out but don’t get it….xoxxxooxooxoxxoxo C

    1. Caryl,

      Thank you for asking this question. I hope everybody reads this:

      There is tracking code embedded in the html code of my blog. When you click on the link (highlighted) credit is given to my account. However, please don’t click on the link unless you are really interested in the offer. And multiple clicks on the same link from the same source (your internet connection leaves a code behind whenever you click a link) results in all clicks from that source being eliminated.

      By all means, look at the offers you find interesting or intriguing, but don’t just click to click.

  3. Well, right this moment, my back is aching. But it has nothing to do with a bad back. I’ve spent too much time cleaning today. Ah well, tomorrow it’ll be gone, nothing a good night’s sleep won’t cure! Than God!
    Good luck with the ads, I jus read the response to Caryl’s question, it’s interesting to know how this works. I hope you’ll get discovered!

  4. I was drawn into your post. Thanks for the info. and info. from your reply to Caryl. Please let us know how well you do with the Pay Per Post. If I click the web site, will I get a phone call from some “Back salesman” wanting me to try out the new revolutionary back relief pillow, or something similar??
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..Fun Monday – My Mess =-.

    1. Church Lady,

      Give me a few more days to see how it pans out, and I’ll write you a post on my experience as a paid blogger. Right now I am thinking I won’t get rich, but a bit of extra money every now and then will help pay the hosting fees that let me keep my name on the blog rather than someone else’s.

      If you click the website no salesman will call or visit. You actually have to sign up in order to get their attention. Honest.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    Back2Yourself is a serious website offering back exercises targeted to strengthen the core muscles. Our innovative platform delivers daily playlist of video instructed exercises (rather than just a list of illustrated exercises). We also do progress tracking and give an access to professional support. If you are NOT suffering from back pain – good for you. If you are, we offer an effective and affordable alternative to painkillers, surgeries and continuous pain and discomfort.

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