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Our Brains Have Melted

It’s hot here on Oahu — hot and humid and exhausting.   Most private homes in Hawaii aren’t air conditioned.   Usually the wind blows and provides all the air conditioning we need, but lately the breeze doesn’t blow in until sundown.  I guess it’s spending its summer out on the ocean with the tourists.

Sunday after church when we were sitting here sweltering in our chairs, Amoeba suggested an excursion to our friendly neighborhood bulk foods store where we could do our shopping and cool off at the same time.  I was up for that.  He closed the back door.  I closed the kitchen door and off we went.

At the store we paused in the pharmaceutical isle to discuss the merits of purchasing my allergy pills in 50 count there, or 20 count at the drug store.  The 50 count purchase price was higher by only a few dollars, so we decided the cheaper course was to buy the 50.

When we got home we made two discoveries — First,  neither of us actually picked up a package of the allergy pills and put them in the cart.  Second, we’d left the front door wide open.  When we left the house, Amoeba closed and locked the back door.  I closed and locked the door that leads to the carport.  Neither of us closed or locked the living room door.  ADT Security would not be thrilled with customers like us!

We discussed the missing allergy pills.  We discussed the open front door.  We discussed the state of our “pay attention”.  Then we decided it was still way too hot, so we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner.  Afterward, we stopped by the regular grocery store to purchase perishables and discuss — at some length — the merits of the green beans verses Brussels sprouts.  We decided to buy the green beans.

Upon returning home, I got out of the car and reached for my house keys — and had a vivid memory of leaving them on the dining room table right by the front door.  That’s when I had another memory.  I walked around the house and went in the front door, which still hadn’t been closed or locked.

And at this point – -if you’ve read this far — you’re not going to be at all surprised to learn that tonight while preparing dinner, I searched and searched the fridge  (and even a couple of cupboards) looking for those fresh green beans, which somehow never made it into our shopping cart.


    1. Cherie — I’m not even going to tell you how often I leave the keys in the lock hanging outside the door, but I ‘ve done it all my life — even when I lived in abodes with only one door!

  1. And I thought it was just me. LOL. Your favorite place for dinner is? I can’t remember cuz of this DAMN weather. Aloha I say as friendly as I can. LOL.

    1. Thom — currently, The Shack (Hawaii Kai). Amoeba loves the Thunder Humper and I am partial to the Chinese Chicken Salad or the Bacon Blues Burger. Ah, and we both love the fish burger and/or fish & chips.

  2. You crack me up.
    At least I’m glad that my Mom and I are not the only ones with melted brains.

    Sorry to hear there’s no breeze.
    Most of the time we are lucky here, but I can feel your pain. Two weeks ago: No breeze and 42Celsius at noon in the sun, plus humidity, yuck. I thought I was back in Kuwait.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Doll museum in Keszthely =-.

  3. Nicole, right now the breeze is blowing so hard, I think the house is really going to land in Oz (Australia). I am not complaining though. If it wants to make up for the horrible, hot day, I say let it blow!

  4. Oh yes!! Same thing happened to me once, and leaving the keys outside in the lock is also one of my specialities. Hmmm. I think we’ll get along just fine. If we watch aone another that is! LOL!

  5. Don’t ya just love days like that? Sorry about the heat. One of the things I most don’t miss (terrible sentence) about NYC is the summer heat which was always hot and humid with no cooling at night. The brick and cement would bake all day and then radiate heat all night. I once had candles melt in my cabinets. This “summer” here in upstate NY has been oddly chilly… so much so that some of the trees are already dropping leaves as though they think it’s autumn. But I’m rambling. I enjoyed your tale of open doors and missing beans.
    .-= Raven´s last blog ..Just Some Pictures =-.

  6. With too much heat, paradise turns into hell (especially for the brain)! I’m glad your neighbor hood houdlams were too hot to go looking for trouble!
    .-= Lew´s last blog ..Sea worthy vessel? =-.

    1. Lew — our home is fenced and gated — and in an older established, very quiet neighborhood. We really shouldn’t press our luck, but I would have been quite surprised to find someone had entered while we were gone.

  7. That’s nothing special. You lead the same life as we do, open house doors and even during the night open terrace door, but nobody stole us.
    All I can say or sing is : “You are not alone….” lalala
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

    1. Gattina — we don’t leave doors open while we’re in bed, but anyone trying to come in an open window would make a heck of a lot of racket and get our attention.

    1. Melli — seems to me that you could be correct. Usually I go shopping alone and make it home with anything I decide to buy!

    1. Barbara — our neighborhood is a small and quiet place where everybody waves and smiles and speaks when they see each other. Strangers stick out.

  8. I do stuff like that whenever I simply have too much on my mind. I once left my keys in the car trunk lock. Another driver tooted his horn as we were on the freeway and yelled “Keys.” We didn’t know what he was talking about til we got home and saw the keys. (Hubby was driving.)

    Anyway, we invested in a/c for the whole house in 1997 when El Nino was at its peak. Yeah, it’s expensive, but absolutely worth it.
    .-= gigi-hawaii´s last blog ..Class reunions =-.

  9. Heat and humidity like that fry my brain too. At least you can make a humorous story about it, though.
    .-= Cindy´s last blog .. =-.

  10. Sounds like the heat is affecting your thinking process! LOL. Sure hope some relief is on its way soon! It is finally feeling like summer here in PA. Temps have finally reached the high 80’s and low 90’s along with the humidity. It’s ok by me. I have my a/c!

  11. I’m glad I’m not there . I close down when it gets very hot with high humidity. I don’t go anywhere. I don’t do annything and I almost always end up with an upset stomach.
    .-= Dr. John´s last blog ..Another rant =-.

  12. I’m surprised about the lack of air-condition on Oahu; we have none in Ireland but that’s NOT surprising!

    You’ve made me feel better about the week (a whole week) that I couldn’t go anywhere, because I’d lost the car keys. It turned out that they were in the ignition of the car the whole time. Duuuuh! Sometimes I blame it on age, sometimes on stress, sometimes on my Better Half because after all I thought *he* would take care of whatever.

    I think the heat is a good excuse too.
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Friday Flash 55: Little Help? =-.

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