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Creating Buzz

One of the reasons sponsors pay bloggers to blog, is to create “buzz”.  Sponsored Conversations bring people’s attention to the featured products or brands, and hopefully even start people talking about them.  I recently wrote a paid post for a storage outfit.  Some of my readers were interested and asked questions.  A couple were curious because they or someone they know will be moving soon.  Conversations unfolded in the comments — and maybe even in their personal lives away from the blog.

Izea, a leader in social media networking, offers several mediums where bloggers and sponsors can connect, look each other over, and make a deal beneficial to both.  Clicking the link will take you to a FREE independent report on how and why social networking works.  The  link will say “download” but it opens in a tab on your browser — at least it did for me!

If you are interested in paid blogging — as a blogger or an advertiser — read the report and check Izea out!  They hooked me.  That’s  why I’m writing this.

(Btw, if you want more traffic to your blog, Izea even has a feature called Blog U Back, that can help you as a blogger draw attention to YOUR brand name — you know, that one you call “title” on your blog.)

This was a sponsored post.  The links were removed on 10.12.09

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