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Share Your Brand With Flair!

If you are a small business owner or have a brand to promote or share, doing so in style has just become more affordable.   You can have your own personal brand name or logo hot foil stamped on 9 x 12 Custom Presentation Folders. Four color printing and other folder sizes and styles are available as well.

These high quality, #90 Custom Presentation Folders come in a variety of colors, have two four inch presentation packets inside are pre-cut for ease of inserting your business card. These folders are putting your literature forward in an elegant and professional manner. If you’ve ever been to a seminar, you’ve likely received a similar folder, but don’t just think, “seminar”. Are you an artist, photographer or freelance writer? Think portfolio. Are you putting together an anniversary or a wedding scrapbook as a thank you gift to your guests? Consider one of these customized folders.

The folders come in glossy or matte finish in an assortment of colors. The hot foil stamping also comes in a variety of colors and you get to design your own look — interactively online — to make certain you are getting exactly what you want!

When I am a rich and famous author going to writer’s conventions and promoting my novels, you can bet I’ll be taking these folders along — and remember, my friends call me the Queen of Self-Promotion, so an endorsement from me along those lines really means something!

This was a paid post.  The links were removed 1o.12.09


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