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Galileo Got It Wrong

She said: “Are you ignoring me?”

He said: “No, dear. But I am paying attention to something else.”

She said: “Wait a minute. I thought we already had this established. I am the center of your universe and all your attention revolves around me.”

He gave her that look and queried, “Never heard of Galileo, huh?”

She answered: “Galilei Galileo? I believe I may have heard the name somewhere. What’s he got to do with this?”

He answered, “Well, dear, Galileo, a very long time ago, discovered the the sun is the center of the universe — mine and everyone else’s.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Galileo was wrong,” She said. “The daughter is the center of the universe and she is me.”

He said, “Oh, brother.”

She said, “Sister!”


  1. A good pun! My father made-up a blurb for a seaside town once; it said ‘Good for the sun and heir’. I thought it was quite clever.

    1. Doug — indeed. Btw way, you turned up in this conversation, too. As in, “I can’t say Doug didn’t warn me …” I’ve heard Amoeba’s explanation for that crack. Now let’s hear yours.

      1. Presumably, any man willing to explain that comment already has your fingers around his throat. There’s a whole ocean separating you from my explanation.

    1. Church Lady — ah, but you only get to hear about the successfully silly conversations, not the ones that went awry and mired down in “whats” and “huhs” and finally ended in, “Oh, never mind!”

  2. A far better debating method than Galileo and his Simplicio. I’ll quote Galileo’s final words leaving court: ‘Eppur si muove,’ (I think the spelling’s right) – but it moves, just the same.
    .-= Anthony North´s last blog ..CONCENTRATION =-.

      1. Amoeba — and when you get to Susan’s husband, you be sure to tell him that if he likes his meals cooked for him, his laundry washed, folded and put away, and breakfast, lunches and assorted beverages to arrive at his desk or on the table in a timely manner and with no effort of his own, he needs to keep his mate convinced that she’s the center of his universe. Hmmmm?

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