Blogging for Dollar$ — Part Three

$parking For Dollar$

Social Spark, like PayPerPost is part of Izea, a social marketing company making it’s presence felt all over the web.  So far, Social Spark is my favorite of the Izea platforms I have tried.

Social Spark has a multitude of earning platforms to choose from.  If you want to write a post for a flat rate, then click the “POST” tab and peruse the offers and amounts.  Pick one that appeals to you.  Unlike PPP, where I set my own price, SS provides the opportunities at set prices and it is up to the writer to determine whether or not the post is worth his or her time.  I have written two posts for SS, earning $21.50.

SS also has Sponsorship opportunities.  A blog Sponsor pays a daily rate for an ad on the writer’s blog.  So far I’ve not been lucky enough to attract a sponsor.  One can hope.

Affiliate ads are ads in which the blogger puts the advertiser’s ad on his/her blog  and — if a sale is made — receives a commission.  The ROKU Digital Video Player and Make Money online with eBay ads up on my site right now are affiliate ads.  So far they have received plenty of clicks, but nobody has ordered, so I have yet to earn anything from them, and probably won’t be in a great rush to replace these ads when the campaign runs it’s course.

Cost-Per-Click, or CPC links, are links to product sale pages that, generally pay between thirteen and 33 cents per click.  This doesn’t sound like much, but it ads up.  I think of the CPC posts as my “change jar”.  Keep tossing those nickels and dimes in, and after a while you’ve got something.  I have posted 10 CPC links on my blog and so far accumulated $14.91.

So to date, in total, I have earned $36.41 from Social Spark.  However I cannot collect my monies right away.  First, I have to accumulate $30.00 in my account balance and, like PayPerPost v4.0, I cannot collect payment for the flat rate posts until they have remained on my site for 30 days.  Which is too bad because I was hoping to buy one of those $100.00 gift certificates from Watch Wearhouse for just $60.00!

Oh, and for those who are curious, I have been blogging for pay for 17 days now and to date have accumulated $74.66 in pending payments.  No, I won’t be getting rich, but an extra $100.00 per month or so won’t be hurting my feelings any.

Code Of Ethics

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Blogging For Dollar$ — Part One

So, it’s been two weeks (13 days) since I signed on to paid blogging.  Am I rich yet? No.  However …

My very first Sponsored Conversation (that’s what the advertisers call the posts they pay for when they Advertise On Blogs) was about PayPerPost v4.0 (PPP), so you’d all know what I was up to.  That ad, and most of the others I have taken, are Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns.  That means I get a set amount for every viable click.  I received two viable  $0.27 clicks and earned a whole $0.54 for them.  (In order for a click to be viable, the reader has to actually scroll through the site and spend however many seconds it has been determined it would take to actually read the offer.)

It didn’t take me but that one ad to figure out a person could wait a long time for a decent paycheck doing things that way and it would be a long time before I could afford my dream ROKU Digital Video Player, let alone one of those Typically Swiss Hotels, so I wrote a few paid posts.  A paid post is where the advertiser says, “Okay, I want you to write about XYZ at the set rate of $7.00 plus a penny per word for 200 words”;  which means they’re offering you $9.00 to write their post and they expect it to have at least 200 words.  To date I have written $32.25 worth of ads for Pay Per Post.

The PPP service offers only paid posts.  The payout is in whole dollar amounts rather than nickels and dimes.  That’s a good thing.  Plus, the writer has control over setting his or her own base price, which is another good thing — sort of.  You see, at PPP, advertisers are shopping for writers.  If they like your blog and your writing style, they contact you through your PPP dashboard — providing they don’t like someone else just as well who’s cheaper.  After you’ve been contacted, you have 3 days to write the post and contact the advertiser.  The advertiser then has three days to review the post.  If the post fits all advertiser criteria (listed up front on the ad) then it passes inspection and goes into the pay pending queue.

If the post does not pass inspection — this hasn’t happened to me yet — the advertiser must give an explanation of what needs to be fixed.  The blogger then has 3 days to comply.  Once the post is fixed as requested, then the agreed upon dollar amount goes into the pay pending queue.  If the advertiser and the blogger cannot come to terms over the post, moderation — under set criteria — is provided by PPP.  This is a rare thing.  PPP has proven procedures which help advertisers and bloggers come to terms before the post is written.  PPP also keeps stats which both bloggers and advertisers can use to judge the other’s reliability.

On the not so plus side, if a blogger does not write every PPP article he or she is offered, the refusal counts against his or her credibility (as far as the advertisers are concerned).  However, my first concern is for my readers.  I will not write a post for a product just to get money.  If the product isn’t something I would be willing to use or think my readers might be interested in, I won’t accept the offer.  (I have my ratings set to “no adult content” so I won’t even receive ad offers that aren’t suitable for a general audience.)  I have turned down two offers — not because I didn’t approve them, but because I received too many at once and I do want there to still be some ME here, or I know there won’t be any YOU!

Also on the not so plus side, there’s the pay pending queue:  PPP doesn’t pay out until earnings reach $50.00 and the post has been up — all links functional — for 30 days (which means they wish the posts to be permanent).  It means, among other things, your first payday is 30+ days out.  So I figure it’s going to be awhile before I can take advantage of any of those hot stock picks!

Stay Tuned for Part Two — Tweeting For Dollars
Part Three — Sparking For Dollars

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This was a paid post.  The links were removed on 10.12.09

Code Of Ethics

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This was a paid post.  The links were removed 1o.12.09