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Back-to-School With Sears

This post was sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine.

You see those first two sentences up there? Sears insisted the post start with them – right up front. Integrity is hard to come by these days, but Sears still has theirs. I have been shopping at Sears and buying Sears brand products since I was old enough to understand what shopping is. They’ve never let me down.

At the end of my 18th Summer, just before college, Gram took me off to Sears and bought me a new school wardrobe. Thirty-two years later, Sears is still CampusReady. In fact, they have dedicated an entire website to making your student’s transition from home to college as stress-free as possible.

Check out the dorm room sets. Sears has coordinated five dorm rooms with kicking colors and space saving ideas that provide plenty of storage without sacrificing movability. “Funky Femme” has my favorite colors, but I really like the desk and tower in “Haute Couture.” And if you find something you like, just click the “shop this room” button and check it out further. (Oh, and guys, there are a couple of masculine motifs as well.)

The website also has an interactive check list to make certain you don’t forget something crucial — like bath towels, a waste basket, fabric softener, or silverware. Check out the list, see what you have and what you need, and shop online, or print it out and go to the store! Under the “Shop By Need” tab you’ll even find a handy little microwave recipe! There’s a “Money Sense” tab with tips and strategies for parents and students on saving money and spending wisely.

There’s even a “Fill My Closest” tab for one stop shopping. You can pick up all the latest fall styles. Jeans, accessories, intimate appearl, Sears has it all! In the t-shirt category, my favorite is a wild pink number that reads, “Angry, young and broke”. I like the Peanuts T and the Love Notes T, too. BRB, I’ve got to go shopping …..

Oh! One more thing, Sears is CampusReady on Facebook. This you HAVE to check out. You can design your dorm room in 3-D and set your floor plan before you ever start moving it. This is so cool, I had to play around with it.

And, on Facebook, your student can fill out his/her Sears wishlist, to help friends and family know what is still needed if they want to help out or when it comes to gift buying time. Plus, there is a roommate quiz (it’s Facebook, there’s gotta be a quiz) to help the new roomies get to know each other better.

All of that and Ty Pennington, too. Whether or not you’re going off to college, you’ve got to go take a look at Sears, Campus Ready!

Sears is also offering a chance to win college money.  A total of $25,000.00 will be awarded.  Upromise members will be automatically entered when they make an online purchase from Sears.  If you’re not a Upromise member, you can enter to win by clicking on the CampusReady link.

This was a paid post.  All links were deactivated on 10.12.09


  1. I always liked Sears, though here north of the 49th it was once know as Simpson Sears. Sears used to give out Free Catalogues, and the best one to get was the Wish Book before Christmas.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..Please Note =-.

    1. Bill, Gram would always give me the Sears Wishbook when it came out and tell me to pick three things I wanted from anywhere in the catalog, and three things I wanted from the clothing section. For Christmas I always got one of my clothing choices and two of my other choices. I loved that catalog and every year when it arrived it it was like being given a Christmas of possibilities!

    1. Nessa — l’ve never bought a pair of work boots from Sears, but I got my first high-heels there! (My first bra, too!) And Sears’s Craftsman tools are the best. The men in my family refused to have anything else.

  2. Nessa, your husband is right. Craftsman has been my favorite brand of tool since it took over from Fischer-Price.

  3. I had never heard of them before, but I checked the link and it looks like a great place to shop. Add some good Christmas childhood memories and I can believe you love shopping there!

    1. Jientje — did you check out those dorm rooms? I love the one in pink and black. It made me wish I was going off to college!

  4. We were a Sears family when I was growing up too! And I was a BIG FAN of the Christmas Wish Book as well! Craftsman stuff is still a great bargain – and the guarantee can’t be beat. But quality-wise? Sears doesn’t carry the same weight they once did… Of course, that’s probably true of most of the old stores! Quality in general I think was better a couple of decades ago!!!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..And She’s Off…. =-.

    1. Melli — I think it’s that nobody carries the same quality they used to. It is just too expensive and the consumers won’t pay for it — especially in clothes where the fashions change weekly!

  5. I think Sears is not represented in Europe. I know it from when I was in the States and my aunt had worked there a few hours and sold jewelry I guess, when she was retired.
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

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