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Three Word Thursday #24

Three Word Thursday #24

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #24. This week, joining the quondam word-list, we have acquiesce; tadpole; & viliorate. We also have a whole list of perspicacious writers. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used the words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

Tammy & The Susurrus Sea Monster

Tammy Tadpole lived in a jussulent pond teeming with many ebullient water creatures. They were fat and green and slimy.  Tammy didn’t like any of them.  As far as she was concerned they were a volgivigant crowd clearly unsuited for her isangelous nature.

Tammy wanted to move.  There was another pond on the far side of the bulrushes and the next time it rained and the water rose high enough, she was moving there. That pond was much bigger and the water was sweet and fresh and clear. She’d swum there for a bit during the last rains, but her mother came and hustled her back to this teterrimous puddle full of hitonious creatures.

Though she begged her mother quite often to take her to the edge of the other pond, Tammy’s mother would never acquiesce.  She would tell her it was a dangerous place and describe a horrific susurrus sea monster that fed upon nescient tadpoles.  Of course, the thought that such a creature might actually exist was completely risible.  Still, Tammy didn’t want to watch her mother jibber about or listen to her quiddle, so she kept her plans to herself.

Finally the big rains came.Tammy had planned her divigation in great detail.  The moment her mother turned her attention to gathering gnats for dinner, Tammy raced across the pond and into the bulrushes.  She swam around and over and under the plant fronds and beyond, into the sweet, fresh water she remembered with such joy.

She was happily doing the backstroke across the stream when she bumped into something large and soft.  Tammy pushed herself away, trying to get far enough back to make sense of the brown fluffy mass in front of her.  It had a brilliant green neck ring, brown beady eyes, and an ugly yellow protrusion on its face.  “What are you?” Tammy demanded.

“I am a Mallard duck,” the creature answered.  “And we don’t need your kind around here viliorating our pond.”  At that the duck struck at Tammy with the ugly protrusion on it’s face.

Tammy shot back into the bulrushes, realizing almost too late that the ugly yellow protrusion was the creature’s mouth.  “I think he wanted to eat me!”  Tammy exclaimed indignantly.

“So he did,” came a voice from behind Tammy.

Tammy turned in the water and saw an enormous orange head rising from the water.  Nothing like this lived in her little pond.  “What are you?”  Tammy demanded.

“This is my pond,” said the creature.  “What are you?”

Something about the way the creature looked at her made Tammy nervous.  She decided to back further into the bulrushes before answering — but she couldn’t back up.  There was something behind her.  Tammy glanced over her shoulder and saw a huge glistening wall of orange and black striped flesh.  She slowly turned in a complete circle.  She was surrounded.

Tammy turned back to face the creature.  It flicked a long ribbony tongue in her direction and made a hissing sound.  Tammy realized at once that this was the susurrus sea monster her mother had warned her about.

“I am  Carl the Coral Snake,” said the sea monster.  “And one of my favorite delicacies is tadpole.”  At that the snake snapped forward and Tammy dived.  She swam down and around and up and over and in and out between the bulrush fronds.  It seemed to take an eternity, but finally she was in the green, brackish waters of her very own pond.  Only then did she have the courage to look behind her.  There in the bulrushes was the coral snake, tied up in a knot of her own making and wiggling to free herself.

From that day forward Tammy lived in the little brackish pond beside the sweet flowing stream and never crossed through the buslrush barrier again, and when she had a daughter of her own, Tammy made certain to tell her the story of the susurrus sea monster.


The 3WT #25 words will be: ambition; pessundate; & operiment

Got it? Good! In that case: Your story is due on: August 27th, 2009


  1. Tony — it’s that hindsight thing. If we’re lucky, we’re still alive after realizing we really should have listened!

  2. Hey! You and I both know that adult anythings are right only half the time. I loved the story, so many of your old words. It was good to revisit them.
    .-= Dr John´s last blog ..Just Stuff =-.

  3. ha! exquisite story with great use of a number of quondam words, and there’s a moral somewhere in there, too, i reckon… better stagnicolous than dead?
    .-= juliana´s last blog ..TWT 24 =-.

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