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Hip Hop Bling [dot] Com

The Iced-Out Hip Hop Shout

Gotta get ya some bling, join the hip hop scene.
Gotta get ya some glitter, be a spark transmitter.
Gotta get ya some Grillz, give the girls thrills.
Wanna give yourself zing? Shop at HipHopBling.

HipHopBling [dot] com. “The original Hip Hop Jewelry Store.”
Serving ganstas for over ten years.

Photo from HipHopBling.Com

this was a paid post. The paid link was removed on 10.12.09


  1. i gut mai grill all picked out…
    i caint wut fa youse to see it
    gut my cz watch and bracelet too
    na i jes gotts to save up da tirty dollaa
    fo it


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