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Tilden Talks & Tilden Makes Me Laugh

This is NOT a paid post!

If you guys haven’t been reading Amoeba’s sister-in-law’s blog at, Tilden Talks, you are missing out!  Her yesterday’s post,  was one of the funniest Ruby Tuesdays I have ever read, and today she has up more highlights of her trip. She’s titled them, My Excellent Adventure, and you know with a title like that laughter isn’t far behind.

If you’re avoiding reading Tilden Talks because you’re afraid Tilden talks like Amoeba, I assure you, you Tilly is much easier to understand!  Go give her another shout.   She’s getting discouraged.  And be sure to invite her back to your blogs.  I keep telling her she’s welcome, but she’s kind of shy.


  1. Oh! I forgot to bookmark her! I haven’t been back since that first day… ooooh my bad! I’m heading over now – and WILL bookmark this time! 🙂

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