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Conversational Pillaging

Friend said, “I am taking a cold tablet.  I am telling you,
so that in case I start to act weird, you’ll know why.”

She said, “No problem.  Don’t worry about it.  I wouldn’t notice it from
the usual unless you suddenly stopped acting weird.”

Friend made a pouty face and said, “You know, you’re not very nice.”

She responded, “Thank you!  It’s so nice you care enough to notice the
special things about me.”

Friend stared, frowning, then dryly queried, “Just how many of these cold pills did you take?”


    1. I will never tell! And it’s a shame you don’t read the comments anymore. You missed a doozy in the exchange between Susan & I.

      1. Oh Quilly…you know what assuming does because you are assuming I don’t read them. And if you can believe this, well I really don’t care if you do or dont LOL I couldn’t work anything into my comment and then when I started to write it I just plain ass forgot about it. Simple as that. Simple is as Simple does. And here i am yet again and still can’t come up with anything smart ass to say about it….I must be running a quart low the last two days 🙂
        .-= Thom´s last blog ..55 Flash Fiction Friday – 8/21/09 =-.

  1. Barbara — this friend doesn’t look a bit like Thom and despite the fact that he’s good-looking enough, I think she’d be appalled if she did!

    1. Jennifer — well, that is generally the truth! And as for Thom being everywhere — I have the added fortune of living in the same neighborhood with him in RL as well as on the blogosphere!

  2. Non-friend who doesn’t know you says, you still rock for receiving the “Post of the Day.” She has friends like this and she loves them to bits. But she is so dingy she tells them if she ever gets Alzheimers, no one will notice. They all agree. LOVE your style! 🙂
    .-= Robynn’s Ravings´s last blog ..30-Day Throw Down! =-.

    1. Robynn — welcome. Please come back anytime. You will find tons of nonsense here. I am afraid your friend would say the same of me. Some days I wonder myself if I have Alsheimers!

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