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Ironing Out the Wrinkles

They were getting ready for church.  She said, “Do you have an ironed shirt?”

He said, “Why no, dear.  I believe they are all cotton.”

She said, “I suppose it is better that way.  Do you have any without wrinkles?”

He said, “Yes, dear.  Several.”

She wants you to know it is not easy to have a conversation in this house.


  1. Well, at least it makes life interesting! Unless the same response is repeated over and over! Every time we drive past a graveyard Malcolm says ‘This is the dead centre’ and roars with laughter. How would you deal with THAT?

    1. Susan — I have been noticing that. I wonder if Himself and Amoeba are related. You know Amoeba’s family are of Gaelic decent. (Hence O’Ceallaigh — which is the original spelling of Amoeba’s real sir name).

    1. Chuch Lady — oh, we have lots of those couples in our church. Amoeba would so not go for that! He prefers we each remain our own individual and a couple as well. I wholly concur.

  2. That is wonderful. I’m pretty sure that no one knows what an iron is in my house! ;D

    Here via Melli, although I have seen you over at Dr. John’s place. And I see that Jientje commented — I met Jientje last month! Small world…

  3. KC — welcome! Please come back again. Friends of Melli’s, Jientje’s and Dr. John’s are definitely friends of mine!

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