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Odds-n-Loose Ends

I feel good about the job interview.  One of the three panel members that interviewed me liked me very much.  One remained stern-faced and I couldn’t read her.  And the third one, the one who showed me out, also showed me around a bit and gave me a mini-tour.  That mini-tour, instead of an escort straight to the door, left me feeling hopeful, but not as hopeful as a full-scale tour would have.  😉

In regard to the Doug Kaplan post, I have no clue what his ultimate goal is, but he read and approved the post as it stands — which means I get paid for it.  That’s really odd, don’t you think?  He said he’s trying to create buzz and get his name recognized.  Okay.  But I think it odd that he doesn’t care what kind of recognition.  I still stand on my conclusion that you not trust him with your finances.

And, if I’ve been scarce it isn’t just the job interview.  I have another house guest.  This one is the eleven year-old daughter of OJM.  Girl-Child is here for the weekend because her mommy is working nights and her daddy is on the mainland.  Our houses are just too far apart to ferry GC back and forth, so we just confiscated her.

Girl-child is a question asker and a deep thinker and she touches everything that comes within her reach.  However, when my brain needs a rest, I find a DVD will root her to the spot and completely capture her attention.  That’s how it is that I came to be writing this.  She does the same thing with a good book — totally absorbed.

Did I have any other loose ends to address?

Oh!  And the WaiverWire people chose my post as their favorite.  Fancy that!


  1. Glad it went well. Hope your reading of the situation is as good as mine is when it comes to job interview and better than mine is when it comes to auditions.

    1. Rosidah — Girl-Child shuts up only when she’s sleeping, eating or watching TV. I will send her to you. Oh wait! I don’t have to. She goes home today!

  2. A child in your house for ONE weekend and already you’ve discovered the DVD trick? You’re amazing! The WaiverWire thing does not surprise me a bit! You should BE in advertising! I am praying for that job… when do you think you’ll hear something?
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Summer Stock Sunday =-.

  3. I’ll bet the suspense is killing you. I hope you hear something this week about your interview. I know you will share your news with us, so I will wait patiently to hear.
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..Texting =-.

    1. CL — I figure it will be at least a week. Someone who used to work for the school told me it will more likely be TWO weeks.

    1. Tony — rolled the Girl-
      Child home. Now her momma can listen to the same scene over and over and over and over and …..

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