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Debit Consolidation

Thanks to the current economy, a lot of people are drowning in debt.  Those “easy” loans and their “don’t worry, be happy” salesmanship have left people looking for a way out from under.   Star Reviews can help with debt consolidation.

Star Reviews lists 14 debt consolidation companies. They have in depth reviews for the top seven of those companies. As well as the reviews, there are a host of articles, financial tips and website links to help you find the help you need to get out of debt.

One of the website’s best features, in my opinion, is the easy, fact summary matrix that allows consumers to compare the top seven companies instantly.   Each of the seven sites is given an overall rating, and then secondary ratings for: 1) the features they offer,  2.) ease of use and 3.) customer service.  In addition, in that matrix right beside the name of the debit consolidation company, is the link to that company’s website. Everything is laid out in a clear, easy to understand and interact with manner.

Star Reviews is an excellent place to start your journey out of debt.

This was a paid post.  The active links were removed on 10.12.09


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