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Saturday Wordzzle Challenge Week #79

I haven’t played in ages so I hope you don’t mind if I go right to the mega and skip everything else.  You can learn more about Wordzzle by visiting our charming hostess, Raven.

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Buster Busts Out

Buster Flattery, 5th grade leader of the Preservation of Caterpillars Society and all around good guy, was in perpetual motion mode – as usual.   In fact he got the nickname Buster because of his speed.  He was always busting into things.  Today he planned on busting out.  He shot from the house, spam sandwich in hand, to escape the drudgery of having to copy his spelling words in alphabetical order.  He concentrated on his bid for liberty with an unparalleled singularity of mind, his gaze focused on the concealing shadows of the Willow Grove. Unfortunately, Buster didn’t see the telephone pole in his path until seconds before his face bounced off of it.

His sister, Florida, found him crumpled on the ground.  She tried sprinkling him with water but the sprinkle didn’t do much for the Buster stains on the telephone pole or the telephone pole stains on Buster. They both needed corrective surgery.  She grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911.


    1. Dr. John — one of the reasons’ I don’t do Raven’s Wordzzle is because I cannot find the time to read so many LONG posts.

  1. Haha. A fictionalized account of a Grownups story. Naturally, I like the Buster stains on the phone pole. For the only-a-friend-would-tell-you department, though, perpetual and as usual are kind of redundant, aren’t they?
    .-= Doug´s last blog ..The Reformation of Wolfshausen =-.

  2. Ah Quilly, you made me laugh with the glorious line about Buster stains on telephone pole or telephone stains on Buster. Brilliant.

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