Military Rhetoric

She said, “How was the store?”

He said, “Not too crowded and relatively peaceful. I can’t complain, although I guess I should just on general principles.”

She said, “Principals are bossy enough. Don’t go making them generals!”

He said, “That would be a major problem.”

She asked, “So what has put you in such a military frame of mind?”

He said, “It’s a private matter.”

She faked a sucker punch to his kidney.

“He said, “I’m not into corporal punishment.”

She waved a white flag in surrender. He’s been way too cheerful since he got his Friday Harbor deployment papers.

31 thoughts on “Military Rhetoric

    • Linda — Amoeba is the armada of my heart. (He and his puns really float my boat.) I am rather new to this campaign and if the four of us ever managed a get together, I would probably always be a little off cadence.

  1. Hi Q, You two are just so cute and I love these silly conversations you have. Thanks for sharing them. I was having trouble for awhile trying to leave comments for you but finally I am able to. Silly internet thing I guess. Anyway, what’s this about you moving? Where you going? Are you taking Thom with you? Hahaha.
    .-= Alice in BC Canada´s last blog ..Laugh 7 =-.

    • Alice — maybe my blog has a homeland security feature that sees you as a foreigner. Why don’t you see my meta tags and register? That might help it better recognize you as an ally.

      And I have been talking about moving to Friday Harbor since August 25th.

      • I guess I’ve been a bad girl and not read all your posts. Now… where is Friday Harbor? Am I gonna have to Google it? Sheeeesh!

        Meta tags?? Register?? Oh, I so haven’t a clue about any of that.
        .-= Alice in BC Canada´s last blog ..Laugh 7 =-.

  2. Thanks for the chuckle Quilly, I was on the way over to invite you to visit the blog and the Youtube but I see that you already have. Hmmmm, You are just too quick for me.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..The Youtube =-.

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