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Pet Peeving

Some people you can tell absolutely anything and they will believe it.  Others question everything, even proven truths.  I’d like to think most of us are somewhere in the middle.  I’d like to, but I received the following email a half-dozen times in the last week ….


Diamond Rio

A Song Some Radio Stations Are Banning:  Please keep this song going. The song you are about to listen to is from a Diamond Rio concert held in Las Vegas. They received an immediate, resounding standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it! Sadly, major radio stations wouldn’t play it because it was considered “politically incorrect.” Consequently, the song was never released to the public. So, America , see what you think. If this offering speaks to your heart and you feel you want to share it with friends and loved ones, please do.

One of the emails went so far as to blame President Obama for personally banning the song.  First off, if he did try such a thing, you know every radio and TV station in America would be playing it long and loud and screaming censorship.  Secondly, I am certain President Obama has better things to do than ban a song first released in 2005!

So, if you’re one of the people blindly passing on hate-mongering emails, please stop.  We have enough real things to worry about without manufacturing hysteria.  Before you forward that next sensational piece of email, click here: and do a web search on it.  Here are the results of my Snopes-search for the email above: Diamond Rio: In God We Still Trust.

And — as long as I’m up here on my soapbox anyway — another thing that sets my teeth on edge are those emails that insinuate I am going to die if I don’t pass them on! Worse yet are the ones that threaten me in Jesus’ name.  “Prove you love Jesus by sending this on to 45 people and terrorizing them in the name of God and Heaven!”  For those of you who quake under these onslaughts and pass the emails on just in case …. I do not pass them on.  I haven’t passed them on in years.  I am still living and breathing.  And Jesus still loves me. I trust the same would hold true for you.

Enjoy the song anyway — it’s one of my favorites.  I was listening to it the other day in the grocery store — over the general speaker.  That is one thing I love about Hawaii.  You will find music to suit your every taste and mood playing in a variety of stores.  Here one doesn’t have to apologize for loving God.


  1. What gets me is when well-meaning people keep sending these things even when you keep sending them snopes refutations. Some have even forwarded stuff and added at the top “You might want to check snopes about this.” Argh — check it out before sending it, people!!!

    I rarely forward anything any more. Most of this stuff has been around dozens of times.If I do find a good joke or saying or poem or whatever in a forwarded e-mail, I copy only the interesting part, not all the threats and warning and promises.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Remembering… =-.

    1. Barbara — that would be my Aunt. I send her the Snopes stuff and she responds, “Whatever, I don’t have time to check that stuff.” My thought, If you don’t have time to check, and you don’t know whether your sending the truth or a lie, then don’t send it! I don’t say that though because I was raised to be respectful to my elders, even when they are acting like idiots.

    1. Melli — if one of those threatening messages comes in with something I just HAVE to pass along, I cut the offending stuff off. And — unless it is animated and I have no choice — I don’t FORWARD. Cut and paste — new page — no 58 million previous readers to wade through ….

  2. Testify, Quilly!! LOL

    I had a falling-out with my niece (hope it’s not permanent, the poor kid, but she’s not talking to me just yet) about all these e-mails she sends, and yes, most of them are from the right-wing shrieking potstirrers from her pentecostal church. Obama’s a communist and a babykiller, the world is ending on Tuesday, the sinners are out to get you, and PASS IT ON to forty friends.

    I told her to knock it off; I don’t like being told whom to hate or to become angry by someone claiming to be so Christian. If you really are, then tell me whom to love, and how to be joyful, yeah go for it. But I’m already there.

    Jeez. Yeah, good rant hon! LOL Loved this post.
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..A New Look and a Giveaway =-.

    1. Susan — some Christian groups give other Christian groups a really bad rap! Although he was surrounded by it, Jesus wasn’t about hate and dissent and disorder. He was about loving your neighbors as you love yourself — and I could be wrong but I think that precludes sticking a knife in their backs ….

  3. Quilly, I agree. As a devout Christian, I am troubled by linking of patriotism with Christianity. When my son was 2, he thought Jesus was an American. I think back on that when people link them. He was only 2, but there’s no excuse for grown people to carry on as if that’s true. Paul says as believers we are citizens of heaven, this is not our home. I love America and I have worn a uniform for my country, but I fully recognize that this is not my permanent home…

    Ah well, preachin’ to the choir, right? Sure will be glad when you’re back writin’!
    .-= Southlakesmom´s last blog ..5 Miles, 10 Minutes =-.

    1. SLM — Amoeba and I were having that conversation over this song — which I do love, BUT — are we worshiping God or the United States?

  4. Preach it, sister! I have been known to forward some great jokes – especially puns! – but the others make me weary. And the “forward if you love Jesus” ones really slay me. Like they know the email can’t stand on it’s own and they need to name-drop with it!

    I can’t tell you how many times we’ve told my MIL DELETE and how many other times I’ve sent her Snopes info, but she still sends them to me. Sigh. And she’s a pretty astute woman in every other way. If it’s in an email it must be true. . . .

    The other one that has been beat to death that we see a lot here in Texas is still stuff about Madelyn Murray O’Hare and the FCC. The woman’s been dead for years!
    .-= Mocha with Linda´s last blog ..TSMSS – I Bowed On My Knees =-.

  5. Linda — I used to get angry when I read one of those “if you love Jesus” ones, now, like you, I am just weary. If I think something is worth sharing, I copy and paste it and clean it up first. I remove the dire threats and I send that part which I think has value. I suppose some can argue that I am practicing my own form of censorship.

      1. I think I get this – it’s the “death threats” on the emails. By receiving them and not passing them on, she “dies” at least once a week…

        (That’s how I read it anyway, otherwise it doesn’t make sense! lol)
        .-= Thumbelina´s last blog ..The End. =-.

  6. Don’t you have a good spam filter on your email? Crap like this goes right there and I never see it. And my friend, what are you doing opening email from people that you don’t know? One of the worst causes for a virus, which I’m sure you know. But oh well. I just had to say it 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Happy Birthday and A Comment or Two or Three =-.

  7. Well said!
    You showed me how to look up snopes ages ago (I didn’t know about them until then.)
    And I hate the ones that threaten. Especially in Jesus’ name or God’s name.

    Well said and well written.
    Oh – and I have an aunt like yours too. Grrrr.
    .-= Thumbelina´s last blog ..The End. =-.

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