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On The Edge — Ilona Andrews

Okay, by now you all know the drill. Another Ilona Andrews book is due to hit the stands and I’m going to make certain you know it!

This time around, Ilona & Gordon Andrews have created a fresh new magical world.  It exists parallel to our own.  Very few people from either dimension know the other world exists, although there are a special few able to cross the boundaries and inhabit either.  There are also some people, like Rose and her family, who live between the two boundaries and have to find a way to survive despite being outcasts in both.  This is a story about life lived on the edge.

Rose, has two little brothers to care for, an eccentric grandmother and a zombie grandfather.  Her truck is falling apart, her job barely pays enough to make ends meet, and she hasn’t been out on a date in ages.  If that isn’t enough stress for a young woman barely out of her teens, something incredibly evil has taken up residence in the woods and the neighbors are expecting Rose to get rid of it.  Add to that two handsome men with marriage on their minds, and Rose with good reason to fear that at least one of them is aligned with the evil.

This book fairly sizzles with tension.  Just when you think you’re going to explode from the stress, Ilona slips in a bit of humor and eases the strain — only to immediately start ratcheting the screws again.


And, if just the fact that its a great read isn’t enough for you, is giving away a Sony Reader to one lucky winner. Join the release party on 09/28/09 at  And, if you want an “edge” on winning, visit the Ilona Andrews website.


  1. Don’t know this lady, probably hasn’t been translated into french and english books are hard to get ! For the moment I read Martha Grims crime stories, but in french.
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

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