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Silly Haiku Wednesday — Amoeba Plays!

The video quality is bad but the sound is good. Unfortunately it starts & ends abruptly — sorry. Flickr wouldn’t let me load the whole thing!

Chason du Toreador

Carmen Suite #2

If you wish to enjoy the entire video, click here to view it on WMV: Chanson du Toreador

Join the fun!


A proper Haiku is so much more than a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but I wasn’t invited to do a proper Haiku. I was asked for a silly one, so here it is — the theme for this week is music:

Play it Trumpet Man
Blow your horn for all to hear
Make music for us



    1. But, Mumma, that’s why they’re called vile-lins. We’re all amateurs here. You shoulda heard us when we first started rehearsing the piece. It would have helped if the recording device were more sophisticated than a cheap Canon box camera. Even the Melbourne Symphony wouldn’t sound like much on that thing. Hell, with today’s industrial light and magic, even the Melbourne Symphony doesn’t sound like it does on CD. They’re almost to the point of dispensing the live musicians entirely and producing a flawless Beethoven’s 5th entirely with software.
      .-= the amoeba´s last blog ..Dude and Dude: Race =-.

      1. Mumma — these are armature amateur musicians. They donate all of their time. They play in order to improve their skills. If we all waited until we were professional quality before there was a recital. there would never be recitals, would there?

        1. “Armchair” musicians is about right.

          If we all waited until we were professional quality before there was a recital. there would never be recitals, would there?

          The fact that there are recitals, sponsored by those who depend upon perfection for their bread and cheese, speaks for itself. Practice and performance to improve skills is one thing, subjecting others to that practice and performance is another. On the orchestra’s website, there used to be a notice banning folk from recording its performances. Now you know why it was there.
          .-= the amoeba´s last blog ..Dude and Dude: Race =-.

        2. I wasn’t expecting a professional recording or even a professional-level performance. But for me, the intonation issues in the strings were unbearable. I guess this is one of the pitfalls of having perfect pitch. When I used to conduct, my musicians were encouraged to listen (for pitch and balance, in particular). I think it’s a skill too often under-utilised.

          Amoeba’s solo was a delight.

  1. I alwaaaaaaaaays LOVE to hear your Amoeba play … and I absolutely LOVE your Haiku today! You know what I really love? I love how much you love that man! Your love demands that we love him too…. that’s how we should all be for Jesus. If our love for Jesus exploded from us the way your love for Amoeba does… the whole world would be Christians!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Random Dozen #4 … and a Silly Haiku … or 4 =-.

    1. Melli –but my love for Jesus is that big, I just tend to live it rather than speak it. I know that doesn’t always come across on the net.

  2. Go Amoeba!

    Great one today, Quilly; music inspires so deeply, doesn’t it?

    I’ve got you linked up – having some server issues so I “disappeared” for a while. We will have the faulty drives swapped out soonish, and hopefully that won’t happen anymore!

    Oh yeah, you and Thom both made the “Hooked on Haiku” list with today’s entry! Woot! I’ll get that hooked up too, some time today.

    Have a good one!

    .-= Jenn@ You know… that blog?´s last blog ..Haiku Interruptus =-.

    1. Jenn — I figured it was your server when I tried to click on that link (in the 404) and they’d disappeared, too! I’m glad you’re back!

  3. He did well! I love when musicians make it seem effortless — I don’t play any instrument so it is far beyond my scope, but I appreciate it in others.

    Just to let you know, the last couple of days it has taken a very long time for your site to load anything but the brown background. I’ve taken to clicking on your site and then reading others while waiting for yours to come fully in. I’m not having that trouble with other sites. Not complaining. but just letting you know. I don’t know if others are having the problem or if it is just something between our connections.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Random Dozen Meme #4 =-.

    1. I’ve noticed that too, Barbara, thought it was just me. When the page hangs like that, try stopping the download and then starting it again. More often than not, at least for me, that’ll get the page to appear properly, and relatively quickly. Meantime, I reckon somebody’s got to find and fix the sticky widget.
      .-= the amoeba´s last blog ..Dude and Dude: Race =-.

    2. Barbara — it is the Ugly contest widget. It must remain until Nov. 6th! Sometimes when it hangs in the middle, I just refresh my browser and it comes right up.

    1. Thom — thanks. I thought you’d holler about not being invited to the concert, but it was Monday night at 7 and I knew you’d be otherwise occupied.

  4. Making music because that’s what you love to do is the best reason to make music.

    I’ve had the same problem as Barbara since that day Melli mentioned quite a few posts ago that your page was slow in loading – I just didn’t say anything. The page takes a while to load and then it has to load again when I click to comment. I figured it had to be some widget.
    .-= Carletta´s last blog ..Turning Over A New Leaf =-.

    1. Church Lady — I recorded this particular piece because Amoeba had solos. That’s why the trumpet stands out.

      And writing this kind of poetry is simple, it is all about syllable counting 5-7-5 and ignores all the other Haiku subtleties.

    1. Larry, did you just come by my blog and tell me you want to GONG, my love? You have a very winning way about you — NOT! [shakes head]

  5. Live music is best
    Or so I am always told
    This proves that it’s true

    The simple 5-7-5 and throw the rest of the rules out the window are my favorite kind of haiku (probably because I can actually make these work!)
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..T13 =-.

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